Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
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36. Crimzen's Experiance

“Three more armies Crimz. Do you think we can take them?” Sin called and Crimzen smiled at her confidence now with guns had gotten much better than what it had in the past few months with Sin. Although Sin had a horrible and tough way of training to where Crimzen had to get used to it to where now she can kill instantly without a thought for those pitiful Sinidellians or possibly anyone that had gotten into her path.

“Yep, as soon as I switch ammo. I am getting light on the other stuff.” Crimz said as she tossed the gun aside and grabbed one of the Sinidelian one. She started firing it and making each mark as like they were twice as large as they were and she was happy about each shot as each one fell hard on the ground without a pulse to the name of the body. Sin smiled at the fact that Crimzen has finally learned to enjoy and to harden her heart as it took her many times before this mission while Crimz had gotten the farthest it doesn’t matter as long as Sin gets her cash although Crimzen didn’t know it at the time that Sin was living up to her name right now.

“You are doing wonderful my trainee.” Sin complemented and it made Crimzen stop for a minute. She couldn’t believe that Sin had complemented her but right as she stopped she felt something hit her leg and she looked down to see that she had been shot but it didn’t hurt to mutch but it did freek her out as the blood started to cool her leg as it ran down her leg.

“I had forgotten what you said about being careful.” Crimzen yelped but she kept going as much as she could and making a tunicate as she could out of what she had but she had to get cover first.

“You dummy!” was all that Crimz could hear in till the firing stopped from Sin and the bullets stopped coming from both sides. Two girls and a few more members that were going to be used later had defeated a whole slew of armies. Crimzen started to look around at the groaning bodies among the dead that she had made.

The dark souls were finally gone in her eyes. Crimz was happy at what she hadd killed. The Sinidellian solders lied on top of each other in hopeless body heeps that she hoped will show that she has became so superior that she cannot be tolerated. “You did somewhat well.” She can hear Sin comment behind her as a smile glimpsed across Crimzen’s face.

“I could’ve done better.” Crimz snickered as she started to sit down on the bloodied sidewalk letting the few years to train her hate into something that was giving her the power of machine that she has now. Crimzen felt that the blood was god on her clothing as Sin was staring at her with such evil eyes that she knew was for her to be a little more cautious and that they weren’t cannibals just not in the sense of the word.

“I know and that you shouldn’t wallow in their blood like a mad person.” Sin said and Crimzen laughed at her thinking that it was ironic that Sin would suggest such a thing. Crimz smiled as she got up and realized that she just had a graze would and not a true bullet wound. “I think we should keep going.” She said but something caught Crimzen’s attention.

It was a sound that she had never heard pound her ears before. A deep cry for anyone to help him or her and she went towards it thinking that it was another Sinidellian that was itching for another bullet to end the suffering.

She scourged the pits to find a person a person of age that was caught in the crossfire his look was muscular and strong but this time he was a little week. His hair was red and looking like he was clean cut for someone this day and age. Crimzen felt horrible that she let this happen as she knelt as she can feel herself sink from a horrible thirteen year old that has been broken down and turned to darkness and hatred back to her old five year old self that had never seen death before in her life.

“Are you ok?” She breathed thinking that she was to late but she was not. The man finally took a deep breath in front of her as he felt the pain rush through him and it was obvious in the short breaths that he took after every other word.

“Yeah, I just I’m fine, I just lost my team.” The man got up slowly taking in every bit that he had blood on his clothing but he acted like he was hidding somewhere waiting for Crimzen than truly a man of distress.

“What do you mean your team?” She asked thinking that she might had found a part of a resistance member as she can see and hear Sin cocking her weapon for another shot.

“Never mind, Can you help me up?” The man asked as if he overstepped his bounds. His body language changed from being week to just cautious as Crimz helped him up. She looked at his face while his bright blue eyes glared at her like he knew her from long ago, from the resistance and the jail. She couldn’t believe that she found someone that she knew from her few years of childhood she had was right in front of her but she knew she couldn’t go with him. Crimz was too wrapped up in the mercenaries for that matter. But she couldn’t resist making sure that her assumption was correct.

“Are you part of the...” Crimzen started but the man cut her off as if he knew what she was thinking. Her eyes widened a bit thinking that this was her big break away from the mistake to what she needs to be to where she can be perfect. But she knew that her master named Sin was right behind her and she had been through so much with her to where Sin would forever have a grudge to where she would have my life let alone my head.

“Hush I rather not say, sometimes we have to make it short And I have to get going” The man said and Crimzen was satisfied with his answer. She nodded knowing that his secrete was safe with her as she started to raise her weapon a little just for show since her finger was behind the trigger.

“But...” I let the word slip out of my mouth and Sin went from a smug expression to a darker look that told Crimz that she had, once again testing her bounds.

“I know that I have found you and that you are alive. It’s ok I am a friend not a foe. We will see each other again someday because you stopped and helped me up from the ground it might come back to a worthy thing” The man said and then quickly ran away leaving Crimzen and Sin both in wonder of who that man was. Another thing was that he said that he would return a favor since Crimzen had done something remarkably nice.  She turned to Sin whom looked like she would get after her for anything.

“What did he mean by he would reward me?” Crimzen asked as she can see the invisible snakes gather on top of Sin’s head.

“Did you even get a name?” she hissed thinking to scare Crimzen out of her socks.

“No. And I bet neither did you.” Crimzen sighed knowing that she did miss something important lighting a fire in Sin’s eyes. But then Sin extinguished the flame and looked away like she was ashamed that she knew the answer.

“His name is Leon, He is one of the resistance members. He hates us because we kill both kinds like you should of.” Sin was in full hatred now as she pushed her down to the ground and Crimzen didn’t let it faze her.

“But they are nice people! I should have gone with them!” Crimzen called out as she knew that she was now facing her demon. Her heart thumped inside her chest as she can see her feet lift the ground.

“No you shouldn’t!” She hissed as she set Crimzen down quickly to where Crimz almost lost her balance and meeting the stained ground once again. “They might help others but all they care about is their own kind, not us and not Sinadelians.” Sin growled and Crimzen saw a flaw in her statement.

“But we help our own kind to.” Crimzen huffed hoping that it is not the last bit that she will ever say.

“You don’t know their world. You only know ours. Ours is the good side ours is the ones that took you in. Ours is the one you should stay and last in!” She yelled at her and acting that she was twice as big and was working.

Crimzen was horrified by those words: “Stay and last in,” but there was another thing that was eating her mind. Another man that showed her compassion but she didn’t let Sin find out because she kept it hidden from her.

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