Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
(C) Land of siries took part in TheFuzz's 100 day challange participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


26. Crimzen's Experiance

The rain was pouring outside as the searchlights scanned the aria for them as solders were already ready for them as they stood in line ready to kill. One by one stood shoulder to shoulder and ready or blood.

"Men ready!" They heard the command and between that and the poring down rain Crimzen felt as though winter had settled into her since the people stood in front of her was ready to take her life since this was the first time she had guns pointed at her face let alone one gun trying to take her life.

“CRIMZ!” She heard someone yell at her and startled her out of the day dream that she was having because of the fear of the men in front of her. Sin grabbed her hand and led her to the wall that had a group of vines around it that looked to be poisonous.

Bullets were screaming pass the group as they came to the wall. Most were close enough that Crimzen could hear the bullets come pass her ears but she wasn’t sure which ones were friends or foes as the cover fire was just by or in front of them which didn’t set well with Crimz and apparently it didn’t set well with Sin as well as comments like, “Got one!” and “Nice shot (put name here)” turned to, “Watch it you can kill someone!” out of Sin’s mouth meanwhile Crimzen was dead silent.

As Crimzen looked at the wall she felt that Sin had to have gone crazy as she stared at the wall in front of her. “Sin we’re trapped! You’ve led us to a dead end!” Crimzen panicked thinking that they might have made a wrong turn somewhere and now they are trapped but Cluch gave Sin his gun when they met up and started to climb, pulling himself up with the vines and having his body like a L he scaled the wall in a good amount of time. Crimzen was amazed at such a escape route was never destroyed or patched since the wall showed somewhere and tear to where it might start to crumble in the near future. She had to tip her hat to the placement because the section was possibly less guarded and looked at so the crumbling wouldn’t be noticed since the vines cover the spot as well.

Next was Crimzen but she still wasn’t sure as she just stood looking at the high ledge as lightening brightened the sky making her hart skip a beat while thunder boomed and the wind picked up.

“Crimz, go! I am going to be right behind to help.” Sin said and quickly hoisted her up and she held the vines in her hands like climbing ropes. The vines didn’t have thorns but they still hurt from the crinkled leaves that fell in their hands but Crimz kept climbing but she stopped halfway to remove a bit of her clothing to make it easier to move up the vines but Sin saw that as a distraction. “Keep going.” She commanded and she sounded fierce by the sound of her voice and by the look on her face since Crimz looked down after Sin ordered her to keep going but it was a bullet that sheared the vine next to her that really made Crimzen move up the wall.

Crimzen grabbed Cluch’s hand as he shot down other solder’s with his gun that lit up with every shot and his smile at each one grew wider and wider but then his fun went a quieter click just in time to use two hands to get Crimz and then quickly Sin on top of the wall.

“Ryder, get up here!”  Sin ordered and then turned to Crimzen as she looked down at the vine as another bolt of lightning lit the sky showing what her fate would have been. “That is why I told you to keep climbing, Remember Crimz your training started when you stepped out of the cell to get the keys every second counts and that is why.”  Crimzen nodded in understanding as Ryder climbed on top of the wall but then he paused all of the sudden with a blast that Crimzen would never forget cause that cut the same vine that she was on just a few seconds ago. She could hear his screams as he fell many stories to the ground below. Then she heard a quiet thud on the ground.

“Ryder!” Crimzen called wondering if there was a way to help him up and then down the wall but she saw what she hoped not to see Ryder’s body in a pool of blood underneath while a another lightning bolt showed her the end of what happens when you waste time or somewhere at the wrong moment that came out of a mistake. Sin noticed that Crimzen saw this and took the opportunity and whispered into her ear. “Every moment counts.”

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