Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
(C) Land of siries took part in TheFuzz's 100 day challange participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


16. crimzen's experiance

"Ok, I'll see you later. " Arlin said to someone at a old pay phone that was amazedly working this time. Crimzen came up behind him as he hung up quickly and rigged the lock to where the it would return the money to the original person.

"Who was that?" Crimzen asked being curious, tears were still trying to leave her grasp that were left over from her grief of killing a man.

"Um nothing Crimz, how about we, um go back to the hideout and train a little. " he shuddered and took her back to the hideout that was a few steps from the pay phone. Something felt extremely wrong to Crimzen as she crawled in first into the hideout then she heard a "Come quick there is someone stealing in my bunker!" she could tell that the voice was Arlin and she was in trouble the bunker had a front entrance but not a back exit . Crimzen was trapped. She didn't know where to go unless it was out the front door but she could get killed, even gifted at shooting and handling a gun. She had to hide wait it out till Arlin gets caught with a false report.

She decided to hide underneath a stack of crates that concealed her perfectly except a little slit in between two boxes that was just wide enough for her hand. She kept silent as Arlin and the Sinidel solders came into the hideout saying to the solders, "in here." she got to where she could see comtrablely as the darkness unfolded with every step that the group took.

"where is this Conners girl Arlin. My commander is already annoyed with you." one of the solders sassed.

        "She must be in hiding, be carful, she swiped my gun." Arlin said trying to find her. She gasped at the fact that she was a complete fool to fallow Arlin and be with him for about a half a year since her parents died and now to be turned over to Sinidel by the one who kept her alive when she fell and returned the favor when he was sick. The only questions that ran though her mind was why? and how?

They started nocking stuff over and checking old craits and Arlin was smiling though the whole time of destruction as stuff was smashed and toppled over then a solder grabbed her by the leg his buggy face scared her as she screamed. Crimzen just looked horrified when she fought to stay down and managed to grab the gun but the Sinidel solder was faster and tossed it aside and it went off hitting his conrad in the foot.  She could hear a man cuss behind her as she was tacked to the ground. Her hands were cuffed and she stood feeling defeated.

"Why Arlin?" she wined as she stood.

"Just something came up plus it was an offer I couldn't turn down, freedom." he explained looking like the sickest demon that she had ever seen.

"my life! Are you mad? You the only person who understood what it's like to have family killed and have to run for the rest of your life and then you trade a life that is just started! How can you look at yourself Arlin, how?!?" she screamed trying her best to wiggle free but one, the cuffs were way to tight and two there grip was really secure so she saw no use of wasting her energy. She hung her head in shame.

"Ok Arlin, here is your papers singed and done since you kept the end of your promise. Just make sure if you change your look or anything else please go to the capital and straiten that out  and remember, we can always get you back." the other solder said as he handed Arlin a envelope. Then they took Crimzen out into the streets and before she got into the truck she looked back at him.

"Congrats Arlin you are no longer running from Sinidel. You are now running from me." Crimzen sneered as she walked into the back of the armored car and shut the doors directly after. "and happy birthday to me..." she whispered as  car drove away.

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