Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
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14. crimzen's experiance

"Good morning Crimz, decided to sleep in again I see. We have a big day ahead." Arlin happily chimed.

"Morning." she sleepily said as she rubbed her eyes wondering if Arlin was there grading the fort last night or went to go grab a drink again which he had been doing for a while. Snow had fallen that night but it wasn't to cold so she figured it would be gone or mostly gone by the end of the day. She grabbed her freshly stolen blanket and came over and sat next to Arlin, trying to get warmed up.

He silently slipped a colored box into her lap. She starred at the box blankly. She was unsure on what it meant she knew there was something inside but breakfast? A treat that he snagged durning last raid they did a couple of days ago? She turned to him wondering what was inside.

"Happy birthday Crimzen." he calmly said. Birthday? Crimzen completely forgot, she had been so busy just surviving with Arlin that she couldn't had been that long ago that she lost  her parents, but it was the year was almost turning from winter to spring soon it will be fall again and it will be officially a year.

"thank you!" she exclaimed before she ripped open the box and found a pistol inside but not just anyone's pistol, but it was Arlin's pistol she could tell by the silencer on the barrel. "Arlin, this is your gun, how are you going to survive?" she asked realizing the situation they are in.

"Crimzen, I won't be needing it anymore, trust me. Besides I am getting old myself soon I will need help from you." he said as he winked at her at the last bit of his sentence. Crimzen just quietly sat there. She was uneasy about the gift and what he said. Arlin might of had sense the quietness because of suggesting to teach Crimzen how to shoot her newly adopted gun which perked her up a little.

"Ok, you keep your hand steady like you are doing perfectly my dear. Now, aim quickly and." Arlin instructed right behind Crimzen as she fired the gun at a white aria and paint chipped wall and got a direct hit on the paint spot that is now nonexistent. "Excellent! You are a natural!" Arlin praised as Crimzen started to do police position quick shots and hitting her same bullet hole every time she learned quickly how adaptive she could be. And she became more confident with herself to where she started to try snipping with the pistol and it sorta worked if she had a appropriate spot. But it didn't bother her at all.

She smiled at him as he swiped the gun from her after he ordered her to put the safety on, which she obeyed. Arlin was clearly annoyed at the number of bullets she had waisted as he half scolded half praised her for doing what she did then he switched the subject onto something more gruesome and a little more sinister.

"Hey Crimz, how about helping me out with a person that needs to be eliminated." Arlin said while preparing them lunch.

"The request of taking a person's life for what?" She wondered But she couldn't say no completely ever since he brought her back to good health,  she decided that she was forever in debt to him so all she said was a slow and drawn out,"Ok?"

"There is this guy,"he started and gained speed quickly. "who had been mooching off people and saying he is a head of the government's staffing head. And then he wears a false beard and preaches about Sinidel's wrath. He needs to be stopped." Arlin explained.

"How am I involved?" Crimzen explained trying to get every detail she could.

"This."he held out a small bottle filled with some sort of dark liquid that Crimzen had no idea about.

"Alright?" she questioned not licking where this is going. "what am I supposed to do?"

"well,  go underneath his cape type thing and blow him sky high, and if the bomb doesn't work bullet to the head." Arlin chimed.

The next thing Crimzen knows she is standing in the alleyway with Arlin. She was quite unsure if this was right or if she was going to have blood on her hands forever. She stared at a man that matched Arlin's description perfectly although the beard looked real to her but Arlin was right behind her breathing down her neck and stepping down was not an option.

She started slowly walking to the man's pedestal. Every few steps she looked back to see Arlin smiling like he won a million dollars.

"What is he thinking? She thought as she touched the birthday gun that was in the bottle holder of her backpack. She looked behind her one last time to see him smiling like he was a few seconds ago.

She slipped under the bench unseen other than the man pausing a little to adjust his long cloak. He was doing exactly what Arlin said he was going to be doing, preaching.  Saying stuff about Sinidel but Crimzen didn't pay a bit of attention of what he was saying or what side he was truly on.

She stared at the bomb. This was it, she has to decide now either blow this person sky high or not do it and have Arlin end hers. But she trusted Arlin, he wouldn't destroy someone unless it was worth while right?

Crimzen took a deep breath she could feel her cheeks get hot while one side is saying do it the other is saying don't. She set both the bomb and the lighter to the ground just inches from each other. She started the lighter and left the same way she came. The few steps she took she knew that she just killed a innocent man as she heard a explosion ring behind her. She only looked back once as the flames danced on the man's body.

She came towards Arlin who was celebrating the victory she caused. "You did perfect kid!" he cheered as she finally walked into the ally. Crimzen managed to squeak out a small smile as they trotted back to the hideout with Arlin complementing her all the way saying things like. "Wait-a-go kid! You blew him sky high." and "Crimz you looked like a action hero that I had seen when I was real little." all Crimzen could do was fake laugh along the whole way and act like she was enjoying it while a huge knot formed in her gut.

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