Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
(C) Land of siries took part in TheFuzz's 100 day challange participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


10. crimzen's experiance

    Crimzen could hear her tummy growl loudly now, she hasn't eaten much in the past couple of days because her supplies was getting really low. All she had was some clothing and three packages of fruit snacks and chewy bars (both the cheep kind) plus she was down to her last bottle of tap water but she knew how to boil and capture rainwater so she wasn't to worried. Food was her top priority now and she wan't sure about the berries that she kept finding in the bush patches so she didn't eat them and she didn't feel like stealing food either.  Bad news was she didn't think about grabbing money at all. She walked into a small convenience store that looked family operated. But she had forgotten to check the time before she walked in.

"Aren't you supposed to be at school little miss." the clerk said her eyes narrowed as if to scare Crimz.

"I'll be out of your hair soon mam." Crimzen sighed as she walked though the isles looking for portioned food. She finily found some and brought it to the counter.

"ten dolors and fifty cents." the clerk said in a stern voice.

Crimzen was shocked, the sign said seventy-five cents! There was no way she could pay that. She just hang her head and put the box back on the shelf. She stared at it she need something. She quickly swiped the box and stuffed it into her backpack and calmly walked out while the clerk was busy reading a store magazine.

Crimzen just stared at her loot a box of pricelessness to her. She couldn't believe that she could actually do it. The tiny box of crackers was so easy to grab but her luck had ran out.

A sudden "Stop thief! Rang in her ears. The same clerk was waving her arms and pointing at her. Crimzen din't think that there was going to be Sinidel solders but there was a lot there just chatting in the allies. They saw her with the box and just fired at her people ran away when they saw the guns that came out. She dodged people left and right as they became frightened and ran away. But she found a hole in a crumbled wall and squeezed in. She stayed there in till nightfall. She figured it would be a nice place to stay for the night but she had to leave in the morning. She felt grate about sealing the box but it will only last her a few weeks.

 She just stared at the box and then the empty room. It had only had been a few weeks at least since she found her now dead brother. She huffed and looked at the lonely sunset. She thought about everything. How she just stolen a regular box of crackers and how good it felt to just to destroy Sinidel a little bit.

She smiled at the thought of Sinidel in withdrawal from losing the ten dollars and fifty cents she know owes him. She silently chuckled at the thought of him in the fatal position crying and wining,"I want my ten fifty!"She started laughing as hard as she could at the inside joke as the sun smiled at her saying."There you go Crimz, laugh you will feel better afterword." Which she did, a lot better.

Later on that night she decided to try to get some sleep, but with no such luck.

The images kept racing into her mind, her parents, the fire, and her brother. The next thing she knows in the dreams she is standing in front of the flag of the world, Sinidel's world and she is on the inside screaming for them to come back as she raced into the flag looking for a hole to crawl though but there was just red fabric. She kept going and going but it kept covering her like a animal stuck underneath some bed sheets in till she stop and stared at a Sinidel solder, the solder that killed her parents and then set the room ablaze with Sinidel's Breath.

She had to make it stop. She crawled outside and sat near the entrance she wanted to see peace but got lights that were half lit from the light posts. A Sinidel solder was down the road alone and still acting like a loud proud hero. He didn't bother her the slightest he just asked her if she was heading home. Of corse she lied and said she was going to her home. The solder just tilted his head as if two get a better look at her. Crimzen just stepped back slowly and ran around the block.

She could see A person scurry into the hole he was big and round and had a black suit that hid him almost immediately when he was out of the streetlight. She crept to the entrance where she could tell that the man was drunk and asleep. But she didn't worry right about now she was tired but ecstatic that she hopefully could have a partner for at least a few days. She quietly came closer and the man snored a little and rolled toward her. She reminded herself to be quiet but she stumbled on a trap line and fell forward she caught herself on the floor, both hands were push-up position.

"Who's there?" she could hear the man yell. He spun around his eyes were dark and powerful she just froze racing for words. "who are you?" he said he was standing on top of her now.

"c-Crimzen" she literally stuttered her words this time which startled her. She could smell the cheep shine polish he had. On his shoes. "I-I-I a-a-am looking for a place to rest. I had been on the run for a few weeks so if I can, I'll grab my backpack and.."she explained.

"And what?" he cut her off.

"and leave." she quietly said.

"stay, you have to be five right?"  the man said and Crimzen let out a sigh of relief.

"yes sir"

Crimzen went over and slumped her backpack over her shoulders. She didn't trust the guy at all. The only good thing is that she could use him. Getting her, food protecting her, everything. She just needs to stay with him. "Where do you want me?"She asked.

But the man said nothing so she just sat down next to him. "Are you alone or disowned?" he asked in a hushed voice. She knew what he was saying, so she just narrowed her eyes to the floor and whispered.

"Alone." she starred at the Man he looked like he understood but she peeped out a "Why?" by accident. The man sighed as he shook his head and started.

"My wife. She got mad at me so she turned me in as one of the resistance. The Solder's attitudes weren't contained to the one room, it spread all the way though the house with me inside. Don't ask how I got out but I managed to survive this long ."

"Oh," Crimzen sighed she never though she might of had found someone that understood her so soon.

"My parents and my brother got killed by solders then they lit my apartment with Sinidel's breath. I saw it all and before that my class got killed, including my teacher." her voice carried like a sad song that was turning into a lullaby. The man was silent for a while looking unsure to himself.

"and how old are you?" his voice was completely mute. She could tell that he was shocked about what she had lived though in the past few weeks now almost a month as the sun showed a glimmer of itself on top of the crumbled roof.

"About ten or eleven." she said. "Depends if today is Sinidelian Day or not."

"Why?" the man asked looking at her with a worried look.

"Because, it'll be my birthday then." Crimzen laughed at the ironic fact that her birthday is the day Sinidel became world leader and changed the world for the worse.

"well then that really suits you then." the man said as he cracks a smile for a quick second but it was clear that he once was a high top employe but then down sided by the battle of high taxes and drinks, if that wasn't the problem, depression or being fired for lack of work. Crimzen grabbed the box of crackers and opened the box. She handed some to the man as he gobbled them up like he hadn't eaten in a while but his beer keg of a belly told her otherwise. She bit into the fresh cracker only a day old of being shipped, hadn't been sitting on the shelf at all. She could feel the crumbs turn into a salty mush. The victory crackers felt so good to Crimzen even though it was stolen, it didn't madder to her or her new colleague. As long it filled their bellies it didn't madder or did they cared.

"Sorry, but, I don't recall you telling me your name sir. If I am going to stay then I am going to need to know your name." Crimzen exclaimed, still gobbling up the crackers like no tomorrow.

"Arlin." he said with a slight glimmer to his eye. Everything was quiet for a while, even Crimzen and Arlin were silent in till they heard gunfire in the distance.

Crimzen started to head out with her backpack but Arlin pulled her back inside, meanwhile accidentally making her to lose her balance in the proses. She looked at him with anger and worry. But instead of saying a word he just put his finger up to his lips, signaling her to keep quiet then he started to creep out of the hole Crimzen fallowed him but he only did the same thing as earlier but with a open palm and crouched closer to her but backed off and ran out leaving Crimzen alone again. Instead of waiting for his drunken report or the main part of the hangover to kick in she stayed at the entrance of her hide out but that was as far as she needed to go. She saw someone just siting in a regular kitchen chair, head almost gone the shirt turned to a blood dyed fabric with strained colored pants from the shirt. A recent kill, more likely a resistance member but more screams came and people started running away saying  "Sinidel run!"

She could see people stumbling over the broken pavement and becoming images of the times. The time that the Sinidel solders don't care is when they are searching for someone, this time more likely her or resistance. But someone stumbled and fell in the entrance and Crimzen could see the fright in the girl's bright green eyes her blond curly hair covered her left eye only slightly but they defiantly saw her and yelled help but Crimzen just swept into the shadows as another Sinidel solder ended the girls life for her by holding her long hair in his boot and sounding the angel's  alarm to take another one to her real home and away from the hell house that is this city and now the world.

The solder just walked off. The girl still showing fear and another question in her eyes with hatred towards her and the government. Blood slowly ran down her face as if to shed a final tear of regret.

Then Arlin came back he had blood on his clothing as well as the splatter Crimzen got from the girl. "There looking for anyone it's blood they believe that resistance is everywhere and can flush them out by doing this, messy way to messy." Arlin breathed he was as shocked as Crimzen was just by his facial expression. He just pushed Crimzen around gently away from the girls body. "You can cry, I am not going to let go." he whispered.

"That could've been me." she cried in Arlin's bulky, safe arms.

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