Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
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4. crimzen's experiance

Her teacher just stood at the chalkboard wide eyed and discrete from the sentence she was writing on the board. She looked a complete hour glass with white sand that was floating to her boney shoulders and suspend itself there while a flower pleaded dress fallowed the rest down to her legs witch had seen and worked with better days and had given up to arthritis to a extent. Her black socks looked out of place and her nineteen something penny loafers seamed to be passed down from generation to generation with the twenty year cycle theory. Her slow brittle hands furnished the final sentence and turned around and took off her glasses making the wide blue eyes turn into distant holes in her face. Her mouth was a little small but there were very few deep wrinkles on her face but it was obvious around the eyes and neck witch swooped to if you cut a hole wide enough a small bug could use it as a swing. But none the less was very good at what she did witch was teach. Her ways were as old but timeless and easy to understand.

Crimzen was in the dead center of the classroom trying her best not to fall asleep. Then she noticed that there was a soldier in the room. Crimzen's head wiped around to see a Sinidel solder sitting silently in a empty desk in the very back to where no one would see him. He was wearing a green  camouflage shirt and dark green paints. His color was unbuttoned at the top and his green barray was fitted over his yellow tinted sunglasses. He was just leaning back and had his boots on the desk of a saved sole of possibly a year or more ago. Crimzen knew he was here for blood. The solder was chewing on what she gessed was gum or tobacco. His face was white as the clouds on the clear day and so was his arms that were the same, never seen sunlight.

He spat whatever he was chewing in a handkerchief and threw the wad into the trash with a big swoosh when it hit the plastic lining, only then a few more kids noticed the man.

Crimzen could tell what he was thinking, cleanup for the Sinfication Act that was in the mist of being sighed in the world or Sinidel's as she looked around she noticed more solders in the doorway ready to charge in and kill.

She became uneasy. All four years she never thought the act would require this, killing teachers for cleanliness and somewhat a sport. It was insane in Crimz mind. But she didn't say a word. She looked forward at her teacher who's face was even more hallow then the rest of her body. Crimz could tell that she was ready to give into the solders command if he ever says one.

Her teacher immediately switched from Old History ( the new history is SL short for Sinidelian legacy) to SL in a unforeseen switch like a graceful swan doing a dance in the water without anything more then leftover droplets of water from it's wings. Most kids just looked at each other confused but Crimzen knew to stay face front, and not pay attention to what is happening. She glanced over at the solder, still siting and enjoying the peaceful thinking of playing a treat while his colleagues waited outside the door waiting for the signal.

Crimzen's heart pounded in her chest as the man stood up a smile slowly painted itself among his face but it looked off with the surroundings. He drew his gun from his pocket and pointed around. He nodded at his group and they swarmed inside not blocking the main exit. The solders started to file inside the classroom.  She was quite unsure now of what was going on other than a cleaning of the resistance and figuring out where Darkness is.

Darkness was the savor of the whole world during the past war that happened or to that day a war with a short pause for five years. He had a superpower in his fist that would and did destroy anything and everything.  But he used it to band the world together and then when it looked like we could handle the pressure of being on our own everything crumbled Sinidel took over and raised taxes killed for no reason and made sure that everything we held dear was crumbled and now changing school to glorify himself and making Darkness the enemy, witch most people already believed so it wasn't that hard but Crimzen didn't believe any of what Sinidel taught and Darkness was going to be the savor of everyone just like the resistance

"Ok everyone to a wall line up now!" the solder screamed pointed the gun at everyone and everyone ran for it and the squad fired at the kids every single one of those kids( even Crimzen ) ran to a wall but Crimz slipped though a door that contacted the classroom to the hallway while she heard gun shots and screams of children as she went down the hall and locked herself into a bathroom

She stood there and quietly cried but no tears or sound came out just nothing. She staid there for a while till she thought they were gone and they were. Talking about there current success but she heard her name mentioned, witch meant they know that she escaped and brings her death if they meet her again. And she knew they will.

She slowly came down the hallway she didn't believe she lived it but was denying at the same time the only way now and days that a classroom gets killed is a info leak. But who would report and putting everyone and his or herself in jeopardy?  But then the loyalist would have dyed but he or she could be like Crimzen, snuck out before the blood and gore. Is so the person had put a would of a target on there back. Unless, she shook her head. No that can't be right. But once you get her brother talking rapidly there is no telling what he would say. She was sure of the reason of the casualties was him. She kept fighting the tears. The grief was too much for her. Just the need to be denied was grate enough as it was.

She came to the classroom and the door was shut with a contamination symbol on it. She took a deep breath and slowly opened the door with her elbow so her prints wouldn't show if they do decide to check them.

She couldn't believe that what she was seeing was real. Bodies were everywhere, some were in the isles not even getting a chance whine others were in the line-up not even taking a chance to escape though the only exit she just stood there silent listening to the lost soles and futures these kids were brought to.

"waste." was all that could squeak out of Crimzen. She lowered her head and started to silently cry when she felt something touch her shoulder. But instead of it feeling like a threat it was calm like a I'm sorry. She looked up and saw a custodian that she never knew.

"Forth one this week. Poor things, Mrs Omen was about to retire after this year" he quietly said then he looked at Crimz his eyes nearly passing is ginormous belly and long scratchy brown beard. "You better not stay long if this was your class Miss." he trailed as Crimzen chimed."Crimzen,"

"Hum?" The custodian asked apparently he didn't hear Crimzen.

"Crimzen, my name." She chimed trying to make a different conversation.

"Ahhh, your that Conners girl." he slowly hissed. Crimzen nodded. "Well you shouldn't be here I heard something about a Conners being a resistance teacher and had been teaching there doughtier and son for years. And now they are all hunted father mother.." he explained as Crimzen cut him off.

Mom, dad, I, I, I, I have to get home?" she said as she started to run home.

"Don't go out the main door!" he yelled as Crimzen ran home.

On my way home, all I  would think about was my parents that would already be dead. Long forgotten in the ghost of Sinidel. And forever leaving me alone.

  Mom, Dad." Crimzen yelled as she busted though the door tears already there for the worst.

"Sweaty, what's wrong? You're home early." her mother said as she hugged her doughtier and Crimz's father walked into the room.

"I thought you were dead!" Crimzen said as she buried her face in her mother's apron. Her parents looked at each other in question then they turned to Crimzen, who moved in-between them.

What brought this up, sweetie?" her dad asked.

" there was a cleaning. And it was in my class." she wined, chocking on her tears. She looked at her parents who were concerned.

"Cleaning, Crimz?" her father said as he came to her level.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Everyone froze Crimzen just stared at the door silent. All she could think about was blood, just like earlier, but it will be her parent's demise.

She stared at the door blankly. Then her mother grabbed her by the shoulder and whipped her around saying, "hide in the conditional unit Crimz. You should be safe..." the door burst open before her mom could get the last word out of her throat.

Crimzen did what she was told she slid the blinds open just enough that she slipped though the opening and quietly slammed it shut behind her. And she hunkered down to where she could see the whole movie play out in front of her.

"Mr. and Mrs. Conners, you are here to be eliminated for suspicion of being  teachers of old and resistance members." the army man said his mask made him look like a bugish face to Crimzen. He was warring a green army shirt and dark green pants with brown boots he stared at her parents with yellow glass eyes his voice was strained though a microphone so if he had to stand in a line-up then she couldn't tell it was him or the rest of his squad who looked the exact same way. He raised his gun at her father. She fought back the scream that was coming. She just wanted to run out there and stop the small army from firing but it was to late a shot rang out of his gun and her father's limp body fell to the ground. Blood speared the ground and spit at the wall and anything it could find, even her mother got some on herself. She just stood silent as her mother did the screaming and rambling for her. The sound was unbearable to where the sound pierced her eardrums and was amassed that she could keep talking in that same high pitch screaming tone.

"Frederich! She yelled as she rushed to his side. His face and body was blown away by the power that the rifle had. She stood up ready for a fight but she just got a chance to stand for a second and then the second shot rang out and then her mom fell right beside Crimzen's father.

The group just looked at there job but nothing was said just a few compliments to each other. Then the captain must had realized she was missing. He quickly glanced around like he was lost. "She is not here." he said straining his voice and sounding bummed.

"Who?" one of the other solders asked looking over the captan's shoulder.

"The girl you clueless pup!" the captan said. "Crimzen must be found. She IS a student and a doughtier of  RESIDENCE MEMBERS AND HER PARENTS HAD BEEN RIGING!" the captain yelled getting. "NOW FIND HER YOU LAZZY BUMMBS! I DON'T EVEN CARE IF WE HAVE TO BOMB THE PLACE U...." the captan yelled then his microphone gave out and he racked at it for a little while till he got it back on not realizing that one of his men was at the locked  room.

"Sir."  the solder said as he fiddled with the door.


"But sir." the solder said again trying to get his captan's attention again.

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU FIND-" the captian roared and his microphone went out again. Crimzen could hear a bitter murmur from inside the mask and then he got it back on an end of a word that she couldn't tell what it was.

"-It!" the microphone caught.

"A locked door?" the solder snickered as he tried to turn the nob to show it was locked after his boss got his microphone back.  The solder laughed a little trying his best that it wouldn't go though the microphone as bad. Crimzen could tell that the captain was glaring though his glasses but she didn't make a sound. She just stayed in her hideaway breathing harder and harder as the seconds turned into hours even though to her it was kinda funny.

"MOVE YOU DIMWIT!" the captain said shoving the know-it-all aside and shot the lock right off in one try as another solder from the same battalion came to Crimz's hideout. She just stood still as she silently shifted to the back of the closet towards the heating and air system. The noise was almost too bearable to her when it turned on, but she managed to get quickly accustomed to the air and sound since the "kid monster" might be the only thing that will save her life.

"Corry!" the captain politely ordered, " You can open the door since you're the one that shot without orders."

" But I was just..." Corry said as he swung the closet door aside and found an empty closet for Crimzen was behind her brother's furnace "kid monster" .

"THERE IS NOTHING PRIVATE! The captain roared as he pulled Private Corry aside.

Private Corry just sighed he looked on the floor searching for something, any evidence of Crimzen. She glanced out only a minute as he shut the door, apparently he wasn't paying any attention to Crimzen. She took notice of the small differences of his outfit, his baray, his mask, everything she took in she engraved into her mind.

"Jackpot! We killed some resistance and evidence to boot!" another solder exclaimed as he opened the shot off handled doorway.

"Trainees." the captain huffed but he just let it slide because of the excitement that was in the air for his men.

Crimzen tried to hold back the screams and the want to run out and try to stop them because the books that lied behind the door was her family's treasures and only relation to the old world.

  "Burn them." the captain ordered and Crimzen slammed her hands agenst the walls and held on as the whole squad cheered. Her hart started to take on a new pattern as her mind raced faster and faster, reminding her of the instances when she never really appreciated the books. She never said she wanted to read this or read that but was reading them because of her now deseced father and past teacher shoved them into her hands saying "Read all have a lesson.".  She bit the inside of her cheek trying hard not to cry as she heard them tumble bookshelves and other furniture and ripping out pages of the forever lost and killing them again and again never knowing the wrong they would be in the future.

They liquified the place down with some sort of sweet scented fluid that they spewed everywhere. Then the last of it they poured on the bodies and appraised there work making sure they didn't miss anything important. Then they left while Private Corry grabbed a match and lit the lite that will end the past and leave another reminder of the present.

He just turned and walked out tossing the careless lite behind him. Crimzen was in shock as the flames overgrew there bounds and engulfed the floor, not touching the other rooms and the closet that Crimzen was hiding in while the flames danced in the two rooms she barely understood till now. The dreams of a family, lost as the flames fed smoke to her lungs as she started to cough and fear settled in immediately tuning the lock for panic.

"It can't end like this!" she franticly thought as she slid the door open. Flames already at her feet almost smoldering her shoes. Crimzen could hear the innocent people in the apartment above her being questioned and searched. She looked at the door, "No too risky."  she thought but then she remembered the fire escape by her parent's room." That might be dumb enough to work with these creeps." she thought and coughed the smoke had gotten to her quicker then she had thought she fell to her knees, disoriented. She just laid there unsure of what to do as she felt her soul arise from her body but the fuel must had ran-out since the flames got smaller and most had vaporized themselves.

"But how?" Crimzen wondered as she caught her breath in the smoldering hearth of what used to be her home, two rooms ( technically three if you separate the dining room aria and kitchenette) it looked like she was standing in a huge ashtray of where the flames once stood. She reached out to a wall and scraped off a sample and finally managed to calm down a little. The sample felt moist almost like rubber but smelled like gas with a strong hint of honey. She recognized it after a few minutes the substance was used in several of arsons on the street with other resistance member's houses and other possessions.

"Arson flame (also known as Sinidel's Breath)." she mouthed. The liquid only burns on top of whatever evidence that the person wants to get rid of without having to worry about it spreading to anything else but it will let out a bunch of smoke that clears quickly. The army uses it all the time to get rid of everything in sight. She quietly looked at the burnt archway of the of were the door once was as Crimzen started to remember the times she had in those rooms, the fun, the boring the nasty, everything but she had never seen the true flame and distraction of Sinidel breath would do. She turned to her mother's once beautiful face which will be gone forever while her father's just looked like a deep hole that was saying "Come in and sleep.".

Crimzen could hear guns firing from two floors up but she didn't care anymore if they came back. She bent down and sat right next to her parents. She spotted a once-upon-a-time juled locket her mother was wearing around her neck. The jule was locked in the flame's luster but it look better to Crimzen than before. She shook her head, she has to leave. She first unclipped the necklace and striped it from her mother's body and placed it on herself. The chain felt warm to Crimz as she put it on.

"To remember you by." She whispered as she lifted her hair to let the locket fall a little lower to her chest almost to her waist.

Another scream another gunfire rang from up above. Soon they will leave and have an air strike to terminate the bilding. But before she left there was one more room she wanted to visit. She touched the side of her mother's forgotten cheek as she stood her tears started to stream down her face and rested on her mother's black lipstick lips. She slowly turned to her father and knelt to kiss her father's forgotten face. "I will never forget." she said. "I will be back"

She walked to the entrance of the banished and saved "teaching room". Her hart fluttered as she came close. The smell of burnt paper and and ink wrapped around her nostrils as she looked around the mess. The authors looked sad as they all asked the same question. Why? Why my books? What did I do wrong?

She picked up a book out of a series called Harry Potter and  the oder of the... And another that was really burnt but she could only make out the few letters C arlat we but she knew the book was Charlotte's web. Two books on two completely different lists.

Harry was banned because of showing triumph over a leader and shows not to fear anyone. But Charlotte was saved because the comity didn't see it threatening or encouraging treason to Sinidel. But both books found the same fate.

Sinidel Moneybags was the world leader at this time and he has been for a few years, ever since Darkness disappeared without a trace. Since then he has made Washington D.C.  Siniville D.M. Then taking our freedoms and spreading that across the world by what he calls example points on the globe and the rules go from those points outward. Also he loves to raise taxes to where the homeless became abundant and hospitals became deserted. Plus business closed and was uncommon to see empty bildings just stand unoccupied.

Suddenly foot steps replaced the authors' cries and was coming closer and closer. She quickly grabbed a backpack and started to fill it with basic essentials. But just before the door opened she slipped down to the fire escape. Nearly missing the Sinidel solders that were coming inside her home again.

But she stayed for only a minute staring at a picture of the whole family that was touched by the smoke and had gotten to it. Some of the glass was glossed and was hard to see the small face and body of her brother. The thought of him being dead cut though her mind again like a sharp double sided blade. "No can't be." she whispered. Then she noticed that the solders noticed her and turned quickly to her as she ducked under the sill and rested her back agenst a wall. She quietly crawled to the steps and crept down the steps backwards being careful not to attract attention to herself. She looked in a few windows, most were people trying to figure out what just happened others were dead or just cleaning to life while others were packing to leave as a production of being resistance members or just out of fear.

Soon she gotten to the last bit of the fire escape but she didn't know if it squeaked or not when she pressed down to get it closer to the ground she tried it out and to confirm to her suspicion, it did. She quickly looked up nothing was atop of the escape other than the birds that had flew away. She listened for a few minutes, nothing sounded unfamiliar but she didn't want to take the chance, the fall was about a good four stories drop and she wasn't going to be suicidal by hurting herself and have the army find her. Even though she is only ten there is no doubt in her mind they will do a nice, cruel, job of killing her the most sinister way possible. She tugged on the ladder again it didn't move an inch or squeaked. She carefully got on top of the guardrail and claimed down. The ladder just silently creaked under her wait, she kept looking upward just to be sure in till the last step to where she was comfortable jumping down. She looked at her old apartment wondering what will happen to everyone that was inside. Then she just turned around and wiped innocent tears from her eyes sighing, "Day one." then she started walking into the streets alone.

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