Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
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2. crimzen's experiance

Crimzen looked around the schoolyard for her parents but only being about ten years old and being in third grade she wasn't sure about making the long walk home. Besides she knew the family secret, and so did her brother David.

Her father, with six year old David in his arms, came into view she ran up to him and hugged him as he looked down at his doughtier. Her brown hair glistened in the sunlight as they went though the streets. 

"Daddy. Are we going to the caves again?" Crimzen asked as they came to where they would had turned to go to the residence force hideout.

" Not today sweetie." he said as he ruffled her brown almost black hair. As Crimzen sighed heavily.

Soon the came to there little apartment it was dark inside with only a few little rooms one that is locked another where Crimz and her brother shares a room a closet with a sliding door and then her parents bedroom with the only bathroom next to that. The house smelled like corn rice and broth from the stove where her mother was fixing dinner. Her father set David down in the doorway and he ran to his mother saying "mom." she knelt to him and hugged hid being careful about the hot spoon that was in her hand.

  "Hi Dave, Crimz, how was school you two ?"

"Good," Crimzen chimed as David cut her off.

"Daddy is going to teach me more about Washington. Right daddy?" David said " All about his leadership in his dark times and then to do other things!" David yelled as Crimzen just rolled her eyes ever since she knew that her brother couldn't keep his mouth shut especially when it came to things he was excited about or doesn't know exactly what they are talking about.

"Well I don't know if this.." Crimzen whispered to herself. But she stopped knowing that she won't win.  Her father got started teaching to David and she stayed at the kitchen table, already knowing the resin for them is because Sinidel disproved them of there teaching rights saying it was to risky to teach us the old way plus Siniville DM was going to be the first city to receive the new law but it would only be In time when it will effect the whole world. Without knowing what was in store for her and her family those few days when everything will bleed.

 She looked at her mother, worried. As a nock rang out from the door Crimzen stayed in her seat.

"Good afternoon mam." the solder said as her mom answered the door.

"Well what do you need gentleme,  other than this weeks pay?" Her mom said completely in a bad mood.

"Nothing other than that." he said as he handed her the sack witch she filled without another word. After they left Crimzen pounded her fist on the table right next to her homework.

"what was that about mom? Letting them take out our money our supplies? The resistance wouldn't let that happen. They would fight back, they care! And they are the only ones that dose! What are we going to do mom, let them crush us and let dad's teachings go to waste." she shouted.

"Crimzen watch your temper." Her mom yelled as she set the table. She just scolded a little at her mother but nothing else was said. Her fathers teachings were long and boring. And were about old history and reading. But nothing much else. She could see the use the teachings was but she thought her brother was to arrogant to understand the danger of this knowledge.

"anyway, you got your homework done Crimz? " her mother sighed trying to change the subject. As her brother silently entered the room listening to the fight and the rest of the upcoming words.

"Not yet, just a few math problems." She answered realizing that she misspoke. But she looked up at her mom. "Even though I'm in a resistance class why do I have to have dad teach me?" She asked.

"Because." her mother sighed trying to grasp at words that were out of reach. Then she finally grabbed a few before she completely stopped explaining." Because Miss Rule-chi can't teach everything from the old days she still has to teach you all Sinidel approved material before the Full Grade exams." Crimzen could tell that her mom was hoping that she would buy her excuse, and she did as she slowly faded into the day's cycle into the night. Then she went to bead and asked her father why he was teaching her brother even though it will truly kill him because of his inability to tame is tongue. He just answered in a monotone voice that there is none that will teach him and possibly her next year. But that wasn't what Crimzen wanted to hear but it is what she has to settle for and tomorrow was another school day to where she will never forget the nightmare came alive that started with a slip-up.

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