Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
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30. Crimzen's exeriance

Panic rushed over her as the sound got louder and she knew they were coming closer.

"Sin, Clutch plains!" she yelled as she came up to them to feel safer. Sin looked up in the sky while Cluch covered Crimzen's ears for her just to see the bombs drop just a few miles away from them. Sin opened a door that looked like a bank vault and motioned us in just before the explosions sounded outside and the group can feel the harsh vibrations under their feet and it almost knocked Crimzen off balance as she held on to the wall.

"New tactic of mass killing." Sin sighed looking at the vault door like if she was in wonder of should she open the door.

Cluch was knocked to and stayed on the floor since he found a smooth section of the wall. " I wonder if they are looking for us since that is the only time they do these sort of things that or the have a potential resistance hole." he smiled knowing that we were safe or supposedly safe since they weren't sure what was behind the vault door.

After a while the ground stopped shaking. Cluch decided that it would be ok to come off of the ground. “I think it’s safe to go outside.” He muffled and Crimzen could feel her heart race during and still after the explosions. Sin agreed with Clutch and motioned him to help her open the vault door. The door hurt Crimzen’s ears while it squeaked and squealed in refusal while they tried to get it open but finally it did and it took a moment for everyone’s eyes to adjust to the dust blown light that was behind it.

A pile of dirt filed into the vault after they opened it all the way. “That’s a welcoming sight.” Cluch joked as he was the first one to walk out and push it aside to make a path outside of the vault.

The city looked more in ruins than it was before they went in as black smoke was rising in the sky nearby while screams of the people trying to find lost loved ones and friends mixed with ones that were morning the lost. “We have to help them.” Crimzen said and Sin pulled her aside.

“We look after our own and that is what we all have to do these days because you don’t know who is a true Sinidelian and if they know who you are Crimz, they will surly turn you in. I learned that in my first year besides we need to get back to base.” Sin sneered as she glanced directly at Crimz.

“Better help now then we have a chance to help people maybe it is a chance to recruit to our cause.” Crimzen suggested and Sin lifted an eyebrow in either question or in interest.

"Crimz I do suggest we go. Listen." Cluch said and he was right the sound was the Sinidel army making their way towards us and there was only one way to couse a mass group of people to run and take shelter was to yell out that the Sinidelian army was coming right towards them and that is exactly what Crimz did.

Soon mass panic started among the crowd while screams marking warning came quickly and the panic widespread. Soon the marching feet and screams clashed while each one blended with each pounding shot of a laser gun.

They found cover behind a nearby corner of the building. Crimzen could still hear the fife smolder on the concrete but that would be the least of her worries.

Sin grinned widely as she striped Cluch of his gun and handed it to Crimzen. "Ok Conners time to show that you are what the rumors say you are. Kill every single one of those solders and I will be right here to help." she chimed in a ghostly manor almost she was trying to cover another method .

Crimzen immediately felt panicked by the order as her hands were shaking furiously while she grasped the cold mettle handle. "Why?" she asked trying to get herself out of it when it was Sin whom was giving out the aura of a person in a true killing mood.

She looked back after a few steps to see Cluch trying to, she hoped, talk some sense into Sin but Sin that hand motion that told her to keep going you'll do grate. The exact same thing that you would say to a child that is going on stage the first time, not a child whom is about to go kill a bunch of Sinidelian solders.

She was standing with a gun that she didn’t know anything about in her hands as she aimed. She tried her best to think of every single hatred thing that those solders had done to her but it couldn’t  help her as she flipped the gun from hand to hand to give them a moment to brush against her thigh to keep them dry. Crimz knew she has to prove herself now more than ever because if she didn’t she two would be killed either by abandonment or at this moment of pure stupidity of just standing in front of an firing squad.

The solders looked like men with bug like faces because of their masks but one of them fired at her and it set her off as she figured one of those men might be one hundred of innocent lives.

Crimzen started firing bullets in a stream to where almost each one hit her target soon she had one line of bleeding, dead or might as well be since they are that wounded. She looked to Sin and Cluch like she was dancing with a deadly weapon in her hand and soon another line has fallen. Crimzen could feel every bullet go past her when she realized that her gun felt light she tossed it out of the blood pile and grabbed a Sinidelian gun.

“Basic weapons same as the others.” She thought and was smiling by the time she popped the third person. She heard something roll right at her feet and she knew she had run and gun till she can get out of range.

As soon as she did that by practically crawling through the legs and shooting them in the crotch and then making sure she doubles back to get the kill. She noticed the grenade is a smoke as it went off and looked down on the dead body and saw something that looked similar to what she might have seen used on regular civilians.

The item was like a pineapple like cylinder with a pin that looked like a fire extinguisher. The item gave her an idea since she had observed them for only a second when that girl got killed a year or so ago she didn’t know since the days blended with or without her knowing it happened.

She grasped the item carefully and quickly before the solder’s got out of the cloud. She pulled the pin and counted to five normally before she threw it and no one saw it fly in and then all she had to do was wait and see who crawled out of the cloud of dust.

Crimzen just smiled that she got one squad of men down to about three, four, maybe five at max. She just aimed and fired at each one that she could see then the smoke cleared and she stepped back a few steps stunned that she lived through the whole thing as the adrenaline felt like it had taken over completely too where she wanted more of it.

 She walked in a haze while her mind was spinning. She looked at each kill with lust and sadness as she wanted to know whose family she took this person from or that person or the one under that one.

She was now smiling with a sheepish grin on her face as she saw Sin and Clutch with their mouth hung wide open with surprise and wonder how in the world she lived through the whole experience.

“Crimzen I have never seen a person move like that in my life. Way to prove that I am right.” Sin said while Crimz took a few more steps to stop at Cluch and to look him in the eyes.

“Wow you are the best.” Cluch said and Crimzen nodded and went back to Sin.

“Don’t ever do that again or I will make sure that you cannot win anymore.” Crimz grunted between her teeth.

“That’s life with us. Sometimes you have to do it.” Sin explained.

“No, I understand defending against a surprise and mission attack but never have me prove something like what you think is right and use me as a sacrifice.” Crimzen said looking at Sin and getting into her space in till afterwards Crimz moved off saying, “Let’s go to this base the two of you keep talking about.”

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