Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
(C) Land of siries took part in TheFuzz's 100 day challange participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


41. Crimzen's Diray

 Days had gone by since our quarrel.  I was starting to think that Sin was taking her role as leader a bit too harshly to where I questioned her abilities to control me, let alone tell me which side I was on since she was only good at scaring people to doing what she wanted them to do.   Although, I still had used that tactic myself though I regret it and prefer not to be remembered that way. I do think about my reputation though this was supposed to be, before I went a different route, a tell all book but how else am I supposed to put about fifteen to twenty years without someone getting bored and throwing your book out of the window.

I need to move on with my story for that resin so I say goodbye to being a mercenary but now I have a feeling that it is going to ketch up with me because I had an act of sainthood at the last minute. Though, I know it is a stretch but now is a cultural moment as did this since I am always looking over my shoulder, so I won’t pass without finishing what I started getting the world together in harmony.

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