Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
(C) Land of siries took part in TheFuzz's 100 day challange participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


51. crimzen's diary

 That one piece of life that I have saved felt like I saved the world. That one life, which I found out was named Taylor, was going to be left for dead and now if he goes back to the Sinidelian army he would be dead. I started to wonder what was going to become of him, and become of us since I had now immersed ourselves into this war. I wondered what would the future be but Leon had more to say and I didn’t mind the words since he would become my mentor. I started to trust him since now he has saved my life, twice.

Though I was not prepared to hear what Doc had to say to me afterwards but that is how I gain trust, put myself into a situation that I could save myself but just enough that I am over ran by that situation. I know it is cowardly and woman like to the lowest level. Although I do not doubt myself in any way I am just now all these years later that my tactics of trust was horribly off.

I think that the moments were right when I wound up more of saving the enemy than not. It made me feel less like Sin and more like an individual.

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