Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
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6. crimzen' experiance

The nighttime was a nightmare for Crimzen, between the true reliving dreams of that day or the sights of flashlight that were searching for her head.

But the sunlight became peaceful on her skin as she wondered though the woods. She just wanted to rest but she knew that they might come. She could hear someone talking that was coming closer so she ducked into some bushes. She stayed quiet as two children ran across her path. They were talking about what happened to her parents.

"They found another family of resistance scum, and then close to a whole bilding!" one explained he was too young to understand that it is going to get really serious really quickly by just looking like a few years older then Crimz.

"Ya! I really want to be one of them when I grow up, and after I get in, I am going to find this Crimzen and take her down by my self. She wouldn't stand a chance in a few days."  the teenage boy said as he jumped onto a fallen log in front of Crimzen.

"Mr. Sealfric Mr. Sealfric!" The younger one called out acting like a reporter.

"Yes, you down front in the Sinidelian shirt with the flag." the older one called and the younger one dropped his hand and immediately started talking like a true reporter.

"How dose it feel to finally catch this Conners girl?" He asked quickly jotting down his answer.

"Pretty good, well scratch that, amassing!" He explained then he continued. "She was a savage creature and it was only her versus us. So we had to corner her and then shot her down after alluding us twice before." he paused then looked down at the imaginative crowd of the reporters of just one as the kid playing the crowd raided his hand as he stepped back to reassemble another reporter, he even changed his voice to sound like a girl.

"What 'bout the body?" he interrupted the fake crowd sounding as girly as he possibly could.

"After she fell? Well we first celebrated then we severed and burned her body and then we let her rot like the way she made our country rot." The kid said as the other one started to clap his hands in agreement.

"Excellent quote Jimmy." The smaller one said as the other one jumped from his pedestal.

"Thanks man." The taller one said as they walked on. Making jokes about Crimzen as they faded into the woods.

Crimzen came out of her hiding spot surprised  and with caution. Surprised in the fact that she didn't jump out and kill those two boys in cold blood. She knew every step could be her last for now on. One news broadcast or newspaper post sends the whole world into a complete manhunt for one ten almost eleven year old girl. She could tell that those boys meant to drag her out but there wad no way of telling of what Sinidel has as a reword or what she is even wanted for.

She kept going forward as usual trying to keep her mind off of the taunts when something familiar caught her off guard. She found a beaten path. She fallowed it and found group of three bodies. All had bugs starting to come towards them but the sent was unmistakeable. She recognized one immediately as one of David's friends as Joey, his bright glasses shimmered in the light. She quickly uncovered the bodies and discovered that other boy must had been Austen for the supper skinny appearance.

But the middle one made her stop and stare. the pale appearance with the wide, frozen eyes. The reddish black hair showed the black side in the light like Crimzen's. The oval face and bright blue eyes was no mistaken that the middle one was her lost brother David. She fell to the ground. She couldn't believe that her brother was dead and possibly turned the whole family and her classroom in. All she could do was think of what could've happened to these poor boys:

"Hey guys guess what?" david cheered as he raced down the path holding a old history book. He met up with his two friends.

"What?"  the two chimed together.

"Sinidel D.M was actually washington DC! And Washington was our founding father not Sinidel, the school got it wrong!" David exclaimed, not paying attention to the group of Sinidel solders that was coming right behind him.

"Who did you say was the founding father?" the solder said glaring at David and his friends.

  "Washington a state was named after him and he crossed the Delaware. Defeating the Sinidelians." David rambled being proud of everything he had learned.

"Ok? Who's taught you this?" the solder said crouching to his level.

"Well," he shuddered trying not to lie since it was against family rules to lie to a family or an official like an Sinidel solder. And Their parents thought Crimz and Dave would know when it was ok to lie but David was brutally honest to where he couldn't tell the difference. "My daddy and my mommy."

"good." the solder hissed as he started to quietly load his gun and put a silencer on it. "Anything else you want to tell me kids like your name or anything like, resistance members?" the solder was acting calm and gentle but was still a unforeseen snake for david and his friends.

"Mrs Omen taught Crimz when , my mom, and my dad taught Crimz and i everything we know." David said but the solder turned on the kids swiftly.

"ok, what is your names mine is ( put name here)." the solder sighed knowing that the kids were easy pickings.

"Joey armory," Joey squeaked then he was shot down dead with one blast. 

"Austen Marty" Austen shuddered and then he two was executed. David finally realized what was happening and tried to run away but the solder grabbed him and spun him around

"What is your name?" The solder sternly asked

"David Conners." David hissed before he was put down with a single gunfire.

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