Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
(C) Land of siries took part in TheFuzz's 100 day challange participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


66. crimz exsperiance

Crimzen stood in front of the rubble lost and feeling as if she just stepped into a nightmare. The building that held the Resistance the feeling of hopelessness washed over her while the dust was still settling.

“I did this.” Was all that Crimzen could think of as she could hear footsteps behind her.

“Hey, are you alright?” Leon asked as he got next to her.

“It is my fault.” Crimzen said and Leon looked at the wreckage. He knew that she was right, but Leon moved it to something more positive.

“Yes but there might be some life left in that rubble.” Leon said and Crimzen nodded thinking that he might be right. She got closer to the rubble and closed her eyes so she could hear a bit better. She was surprised that there were week cries for help instead of silence.

Crimzen felt excited as more people tried to help. The group was like their army in itself as Crimzen lifted one of the brick walls that seemed to crumble in her hands but she managed to lift a little girl out of the rubble. The brownish black hair was a covered mess though her bright amber eyes were in shock although Crimzen could think that she was very different than what she knows of. The girl was about six or seven and as she turned around a man was there that looked just like her so Crimz gave her to him.

“Thank you.” He said and cradled his little one. He felt thankful that she was alive as a tear went down his cheek and showed his sharp teeth. “I got to help them Desire,  please be close. “ He said as Desire ran a few steps to Leon and squealed a bit as if she already knew him.

“Ok Sharpie.” She called and he got to quick work as he started to lift another piece of the structure as more came out. Crimzen felt amazed that there was life that was still there as she help out with many tasks.

“This is why you are in the resistance, that you can learn and everyone can be safe.” Leroy chimed as he pulled Taylor out.

“Maybe so, what about afterword, where are we going to stay?” She asked herself as she got more life out of the rubble.

Soon they were done with going through the rubble and managed to find a lot of what they thought was not going to be possible since they figured that they were going to find mostly dead.

Crimzen slowly shut the door to one of the many rooms of the hospital part of the Resistance. “So new plan we have to rebuild.” She said to the remaining members of the Resistance that was okay and able to help.

“But may we have a moment to morn?” One of the members asked and Crimz was stunned by the request. Morning losses weren’t a new concept for her but she never had to make the decision that would change the face of a group that is becoming more and more powerful by the minute. She wasn’t sure what to say as her mind was spinning as Sharpie came and stood next to her.

“Humans have to have time to be themselves. You all may be the sadness but for now you must listen to this young lady.” He boomed and Crimz was stunned that he just put her, a new member of the Resistance, as a leader or an important figurehead.

“Thank you, I think we should move the resistance to a new place, but this time underground.” Crimzen said in a nervous tone and there immediately was chatter throughout the room. Crimzen became nervous and just let herself take over.” I know all of you are unsure and I am as well! But this isn’t the first time we all went underground! Look at this place! It is perfectly hidden and that is what we need the main aria to be.” She exclaimed. There was silence for a bit before she spoke again. “Is there anyone that appose?”

“I think they are excepting you Crimz.” Sharpie sad and Crimzen felt like he was a movie star telling her that she could live in this world and belong.

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