Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
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60. crimz exsperiance

Crimzen looked around and was nervous that she is literally doing this. Leon put an arm around her. “You think you can do this?” He asked for comfort. She knew that there was no way that she was going to back out of the mission.

“I’m fine.” Crimzen lied knowing that Leon could possibly see right through her.  She was surprised when he walked away to tend to the others.

“I can do this I have done this so many times that I can do this.” Crimz mumbled to herself so she could become calm. She glanced up and without another thought she rushed inside.

“Crimzen!” Leroy said and she didn’t listen. She rushed inside and huddled into a vent. She knew the rout as she looked down at every moment that she could get as outside they were panicking without her since she could hear Leon ordering her to let them catch up but she kept going.  The quiet thumps of her hands and knees in the ducks were like the system was acting up again.  As soon as she heard noise she stopped but one moment she was looking outside of one of the grates.

Two men were outside that were Sinidelians but one was talking about something that she needed to hear.

“Man I wish I was one of the air people, I would be happy to deal away with them.” One of the Solder’s said.

“Yes, the resistance won’t know what hit them!”  The other one said as he raised his fist in the air.

“It would be amazing if we could see it but we have to watch this equipment before the car comes in.” The Sinidelan solder said that started the conversation huffed and Crimzen was amazed.

“Hey Leon, Trek, We are on a time crunch. There is a delivery truck that is coming to take these items to their storage tank.” Crimzen said and she lowered the sound on her radio set but Leon still came in a bit loud that what she would like and it made her concerned.

“Crimzen, Where are you? You had gone off track!” Leon was sounding like he was yelling at her.

“Quiet Leon! Trek keep an eye out for the truck and Leon, stick to your part of the plan we will still get this done!” Crimzen snapped thinking that Leon should worry about himself instead of her.

“I know but…” Leon was starting to say before Crimz interrupted him.

“I am fine now I might, Oops.” Crimzen huffed as she started to feel the duct give way she fell a bit and let a small shriek escape but then the duct fell the rest of the way and she was stunned  and yelped out, more out of instinct then out of habit.

“Crimzen are you ok? Crimzen answer me!” She can hear Leon in her ear but she knew that she will have to kill the feed.

“Meet you all at the hideout a bit, busy.” She siad and started to run out of the room because of not wanting to be seen but she was as she heard the sound of gunfire behind her.

BANG, BANG! Each one sounded like a deep bark of a peace of darkness that will end her life. Born with the skilled of a gunman that had been practicing his whole life, die with those skills as well being marked as the best of the best.

The adrenaline that was pumping in her sysem was telling her to fire back but her mind kept saying to run so she agreed with both. She started to fire behind her.

“Leon, Crimz, get out of there! I see the truck!” Trek called which made Crimz have a wacky idea, steal the truck.

“Perfect.” Crimz said thinking that she would be grand to have the truck in the Resistance possession. She knew that she would have to find a way out alive and there were several twists and turns in the place that she could easily do that but as she turned the corner three men were standing  in the way.  She immediately stopped and her mind and body was full of adrenaline and that she needed to find another way but she didn’t think when she fired her gun quickly to where three shots and each one found their mark. Crimz hoped over the bodies and each Sinidelian that was fallowing her was not easing up to grieve over their comrades but the fallen did slow them just enough for Crimzen to find a hiding spot to watch them run right past.  “Now for phase two.” she mumbled and this was perfect in her mind as she started to wonder around the building but she didn’t have to do much for long.

A few voices felt familiar to her. They were talking about that there had to be more.  The group was trying to swipe the same thing and as Crimzen got closer she was happy to see Leroy salvaging around for some more items to help the resistance.

Crimzen quickly got out of her hiding spot to be met by Leroy’s drawn and cocked gun. “Leroy! It’s me.” Crimzen called out and not caring if anyone heard her.

“Sorry.” Leroy said and put his weapon away. His facial expression was drooped and calm.  She looked around and found a hiding spot behind some shelves.

“This way.” Crimz commanded and pulled Leroy aside.

“But?” Leroy tried to say.

“Just hide you will knew why here any moment.” Crimzen said and time passed from minutes to hours to where nothing showed up yet.

“Trek, I thought you said that there was a van coming!”  Crimzen said into her microphone and static came out of the other end teller her that it must be either out of rage or that Trek broke his.

 “So I am thinking by your face that Trek isn’t answering?” Leroy whispered to her and she glared at him to where hot swords could cut him easily.  HE quickly backed pelted and said nothing more as Crimz took a moment to calm down.

“Well, what were you doing here Leroy?” Crimzen asked.

“I was going to grab as much stuff that I could but Leon left without me.” He said and Crimzen wasn’t surprised since it was every man for themselves.

“Well great minds think alike.” Crimzen chimed as finally the hum of the tuck roared in Crimzen’s ears.

“Here we go.” Leroy whispered with intimidation in his voice. He stood up and Crimzen immediately pulled Leroy back down.

“Patience.” She said and Leroy looked at her like a little kid waiting on a present.  The truck came in and stopped before them with a few solders come out of it. All of the Sinidelian’s didn’t have their masks, which Crimz was surprised to see. She thought it was a requirement, but then again, the solder’s were just riding in an armored, cloth covered jeep.  The only items is that

“Where are our loaders?” The one with brown hair said. Her hat was to the side and was like a triangle while the rest were flat.

“I don’t know mam. Maybe they are on break and we just missed them.” The other one said as he stepped out.  His outfit was heavenly reinforced and looked like he would grab the pistol that was shining at his hip. The third one said nothing but was walking slowly with his weapon drawn.

“I think they are on a terminate break mam.”  The third one huffed and Crimzen started to smile since now their backs to them. All three Sinidelians were easy pickings for her and possibly Leroy. Leroy must have had the same thoughts since he was starting to raise an old gun with a wooden handle that must have been from a pawn shop.

“Not yet.” Crimzen mouthed and he nodded and put it away. Crimzen watched the three Sinidelians for a while and then raised hers. Her motioned Leroy to do the same and he was the first to fire squaring one in the back of the head. Crimzen hit the other two quickly before Leroy could blink.

“You are good.”  He complemented as Crimzen scanned the aria for any other. She was trying to stay quiet and make this fluent.

“Thanks search the bodies we can use the clothing, or at least the vests.” Crimz commanded and immediately taking charge, which Leroy didn’t mind.

“How come you do this?” Leroy asked and Crimzen felt like she was a small person that got cut down to even bite size.

“I don’t think that was the best thing to say right now since I was once a crim…killer.” Crimzen cried and Leroy noticed that she was starting to cry a bit. HE came over and put an arm around her.

“Hey, it’s the way of life now. Everyone has to get some blood somehow on their hands that or they have to be a grand rat that can find everywhere.” Leroy comforted her.  She stood up and walked as if she was in a fog. The fact that she possibly wasted a bit longer then what she might had thought as time normally went faster than what it feels like. Plus, they were unsure if anyone had heard them.

“Let’s just clean house.” Crimzen said as she grabbed a box of medication. She went over to the truck and opened the pull down hatch. She dropped the box on the shelf that was the flooring of the truck.

“I am happy to see you back.” Leroy asked and Crimzen smiled knowing that she is doing well now.

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