Land of Light

Ever wondered what Crimzen's life was like before she met Disire. now you can step into her world as she sruggles to grow up and change Sinidel DM forever.
part of the Land of Confusion siries
(C) Land of siries took part in TheFuzz's 100 day challange participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


27. Crimz Diary

I knew that I had to look up to Sin and I did to some degree. I felt horrible ever since Ryder passed since it was me that stopped to fix my clothing but I knew I couldn’t hold on to the feeling of the past but it is the past that has worked in our favor so far since there are pat treaties that the old countries had made years ago before all this war has happened. But that wasn’t me then. I was a softie being molded into someone grate maybe to grate as I had one more hurdle before the true training begins and that is getting over Ryder.

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