Three Years Later (Sequel to Remember Me)

PS: If you haven't read Remember Me, it's a crucial must to go back and read since Three Years Later follows on the first book.

"It's been three years. Three years of suffering. Three years of depression. Three years of searching. Where are you?"

After three years, things weren't the same for Liam Payne and those he knew. They've grown distant, wary and no longer themselves. After going and ticking off almost every city in the world, Liam and Louis stopped in California. With the help of a some strangers they meet along the way, it will be a long journey to find. But, every stranger has a secret, confession or dark side. Will Liam and Louis be able to find Makaela? Will Makaela surrender herself to them? Or, has her whereabouts been under their very nose the entire time? 16+


1. Author's Note



Welcome to Three Years Later! This is the squeal to Remember Me so if you're new and you've just came, read Remember Me first before this one because it'll make more sense, otherwise it'll get confusing.


So, you're probably wondering where all the characters are; specifically our lead female protagonist, Makaela Dawson. Her whereabouts and what happened to her is unknown ... for now. For everyone else, there's a lot at stake. Although Remember Me isn't a professionalized well-written fanfiction story, Three Years Later will be a little more detailed.


Let's talk about new characters. Yes, new characters will be introduced. There were a couple of hints left in a couple of chapters. Those hints were for this fanfiction, even without the word "Spoiler". Hopefully you'll love Three Years Later.


PS: Slow updates as this is my busiest year.

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