Bunnyman-One Direction Horror Story-

One Direction's Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson's girlfriends are gone with the boys on a field trip leaving Liam and Niall behind to visit thier families in Mullingar and Wolverhampton. Rachael, Perrie and Eleanor and their boyfriends drive through a desolated area where they find themselves being harassed by a truck driven by a man in a rabbit costume who refuses to communicate with, or show himself to, the travellers. Will any of them survive? If so who? Read if you want to find out! Smile x


3. What Is His Problem?

Harry's P.O.V




We've been driving for hours and there seems to be no sign of the creepy truck anywhere so that's a good thing right. Everyone is thirsty and hungry and we just want to get to the nearest gas station right now.


I don't care if it's expensive or what we just need to get to a gas station as soon as possible. All our cell phones are flat so we couldn't call anyone so that sucks. 


I turned back just making sure the truck isn't following us again and just as soon as I turn my gaze back to the front the truck was right in front off us and I quickly spun the steering wheel and the bumper of the car hit a bush and our car broke down.


Shit! What is his problem?


*Honk Honk*


The truck drove past leaving us with a broken car. Just great.




Third Person's P.O.V


The truck driver left the travellers in the middle of no where knowing their car broke down. The travellers had no idea that they we're messing with the wrong person and little did they know there was a girl behind the truck who was trying to run away from the truck driver but couldn't escape.


The truck driver drove off to another place in the woods where he'd set his traps. The chains where he killed previous people and hanging their bones on the trees. The truck arrived and the bunnyman walked out, opening the back of the truck and pulled out the girl who was hiding in there.


"Ahh!"She screamed but she knew she was going to die. The bunnyman wrapped the chain around her weak body, her shirt covered in blood and she didn't move an inch. He dragged her along the ground and wrapped the other end of the chain and put it around the tree and the other at the back of the truck.


He got back into the truck and turned  it on speeding forward leaving the girl's body in half. 














A/N: Okay, so I don't know if this is scary to you guys but yeah! Leave your thoughts below and I will update ASAP! x

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