Bunnyman-One Direction Horror Story-

One Direction's Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson's girlfriends are gone with the boys on a field trip leaving Liam and Niall behind to visit thier families in Mullingar and Wolverhampton. Rachael, Perrie and Eleanor and their boyfriends drive through a desolated area where they find themselves being harassed by a truck driven by a man in a rabbit costume who refuses to communicate with, or show himself to, the travellers. Will any of them survive? If so who? Read if you want to find out! Smile x


4. Louis?

Louis' P.O.V




Everyone has been sitting in the car not knowing what to do. We've got no food or water and it's bloody hot! Luckily Niall didn't come. He would probably whine everytime for having no food and nothing to drink.


I'm trying to fix the car and to be honest I have no idea what I'm doing. Everyone looks frustrated and depressed. "What are we gonna do?"Rachael asked. "I don't know. I don't know."Harry said looking out to the distance seeing nothing but trees and hearing birds chirping.


I put my hand under the battery and it was hot and it smelt burnt. "Fuck."I groaned closing down the engine. "Louis, people are trying to sleep."Eleanor said. "Yeah yeah yeah, whatever, El."I said walking around to the boot.


"Since when we're you a mechanic?"She asked. "Since you started being a bitch."I said and she rolled her eyes. I opened up the boot finding all kinds of shit. I grabbed the tool box and made my way back in front of the car.


I got under the car and tried to fix the bumper even though I don't know what I'm doing that's for sure. 



Rachael's P.O.V



Louis was under the car doing something while we all tried to get some sleep even though it's the afternoon but we got nothing to do in this stupid forest.


I layed down on Harry's legs and we all tried to get some good sleep and maybe come up with a plan when we wake up.




We all got up looking around. "What the hell was that?"I asked rubbing my head. I turned around seeing the truck reversing and drove off. "What the fuck?"Harry yelled. Harry tried to start the car and it went on and off. 


It didn't even work one bit. "Fuck!"Harry groaned hitting the steering wheel. "Where's Louis?"I asked. I opened the door looking around trying to find Louis but there was no sign of him anywhere.


Then I remembered he was fixing the car. I closed the door and stared down at the tyre kneeling slowly. "Rachael? What is it?"Harry asked. "Louis?"I asked looking under the car. "Louis?"I finally saw him under the car. "Louis? Louis? Louis, wake up."I said poking him. 


"Louis, wake up. Lo-Louis?"I asked pulling my hand out and there was blood on it. I heard the door open and Harry walked out. "Louis, went out to fix the car and he was under the car and then we got hit by the car. Louis, was under the car when we got hit!"I heard Eleanor yell from inside the car.


"Louis?"Harry grabbed me up and cupped my face in his big hands. Everyone jumped outside and Eleanor was crying not believing her eyes. 




















A/N: Oh no! So Louis died first! We're you guys expecting that? Who will die next? Any ideas? Leave comments below and I will update ASAP! x

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