Bunnyman-One Direction Horror Story-

One Direction's Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson's girlfriends are gone with the boys on a field trip leaving Liam and Niall behind to visit thier families in Mullingar and Wolverhampton. Rachael, Perrie and Eleanor and their boyfriends drive through a desolated area where they find themselves being harassed by a truck driven by a man in a rabbit costume who refuses to communicate with, or show himself to, the travellers. Will any of them survive? If so who? Read if you want to find out! Smile x


1. I Just Hope This Is A Good Idea...

Harry's P.O.V




"Ahh c'mon."I groaned seeing a big truck in front of us. How are we going to get to a gas station fast if this stupid truck is in front of us? "Harry, just go around him."Rachael said. "I'll try. He's all over the place."I quickly sped up and drove around the truck and he honked his horn which was pretty loud.


Louis was fast asleep at the back next to Eleanor who was sitting next to the door and Perrie right next to Zayn who was also near the door. We've been driving for god knows how long in this hot place with a lot of trees everywhere and we're trying to find the nearest gas station because our car is nearly empty.


The truck sped up and honked right past us and now it's in the front again. "You have got to be fuckin' kidding me."I groaned. I quickly cut him off and he honked. "He's picking up speed."Rachael said and the truck kept honking non-stop.


I quickly sped up in the front trying to lose sight of the truck and almost crashed into another car. "Oh my god."Rachael sighed. "What? Look, I'm sorry I didn't mean to."I said. I looked through the rear view mirror and there was no sign pf the truck anywhere.


"He let us pass."I said. Rachael leaned back on her chair a bit calmed now than before. I sped up the car cause our gas is nearly empty and I'm not sure if we're near a gas station any time soon. 


*Honk Honk*


Shit! I turned around seeing the truck right behind us and it's so close. What the fuck does he want? I look at the back seeing Eleanor and she looks really scared. "Harry, he's getting really close."Rachael said looking at the back. 


"Yeah, I see him. Maybe he'll just go around."I said and the truck was right behind us now. "Shit never mind."I mentally groaned. "What does he want? What do we do?"Rachael asked moving around in her seat.


"Harry?"She said looking at me. "Yeah I see him."I said keeping my eyes on the road. There is no sign of houses anywhere. We're lost in the woods. Unless it's day time though. It'd be worst if it were night time.


There was a big bump on our car and that woke up Louis. "What the fuck is going on?"He groaned rubbing the back of his head. 




"Fuck. Okay, we learned our lesson."I yelled outside the window.


*Honk Honk*


"Harry, just pull over."Rachael said. 


"Asshole!"Louis yelled at the truck although he couldn't hear him. 


*Honk Honk Honk*


"Come on you bitch!"I groaned seeing the truck coming towards the side. "Maybe I can make it hit this car."I said but that didn't work.


*Honk Honk Honk*


The truck hit the back of our car again now I have to fix the back as well as needing gas. 


"Seriously, Harry. We have to pull over now."Rachael said. "Okay, so does anyone else..has anything to say..any suggestions that I need to pull over."I said and no one answered. "What?"Rachael asked. "I hope this is a good idea."I said bringing the car to the side of the road and the truck followed us behind.


I just hope this is a good idea...














A/N: What do you guys think! I'm not good at any horror stories but oh well! Leave comments below and I will update ASAP! 

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