Double life

Ordinary girl Berri finds herself entering into a intriguing situation. With what starts with a simple crush leads to a desire for a better life. Will this desire be the end of her?


1. One summers day

The sun beams down one summers day, warming Sutton's beach up like a spa, the four girls are lying parallel to each other along the beach when reece gets itchy for a conversation. "b, B, Berri" yells Reece "focus, can you make it Saturday or not"

Flustered Berri rolls onto her stomach and reply's "i will check and get back to you". Reece goes from being slightly agitated back to being her normal sophisticated self and sits up to strectch. She was quite put together Berri thought, she might-en have it all but Berri was sure one day she would be on top of the world. Reece wasn't one to put up with other peoples shit, she knows what she wants and she goes for it. Simple yet elegant, with her long, wavy, chocolate hair that brings out the blue in her eyes, the determined yet calm strut she constantly holds and vocabulary correct speech. 

"Can you come, Ellie" says Reece 

"Yeah i think i can make it, unless i have futsul" 

"Seriously, how many times can u kick around a ball before it gets boring" questions Reece

"I'm sorry alright, but i think its on Sunday so should be fine, what about you Caitlin?" Said ellie in order to change the subject. Ellie was a simple girl, amazingly talented when it came to sport although she didnt stand up for herself much Berri thought. She had so much potential but she wasn't much fond of the spotlight, that's often why she didn't get many guys. She is so attractive, tall with long golden brown hair that match her eyes and complement the way she smiles. 

"Ellie have i ever said no to a shopping spree" said Caitlin in a witty voice. 

"your right" said Ellie agreeing sounding stupid. In the group Caitlin was the fashion queen, always worrying about what to wear, which was ridiculous because she looked good in everything Berri thought. With golden brown hair and white as teeth that complemented her bright blue eyes so perfectly. Caitlin is always so self conscious about her looks which often gets in the way of her doing well at school, but she doesn't seem to mind. 

Then there is Berri or B as her friends call her. She is a small smart girl, knows how to talk to adults and ace first impressions. With blond hair that suits her complexion and green eyes hidden by her small framed glasses, she enjoys being an individual and sometimes being the center of attention, she is unsure who she wants to be but she knows she wants to be the best she can be. 


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