Ever heard the saying, "never let your hopes high"?
Well, you could say, I fell in love, got broken, and again fell in love, but..
This time, not any ordinary guy,
But with the player..
Harry Edward styles
"Harry..please, stop it!" I half yelled, but he smirked in return. "Don't you want me?" He asked.
"Yes..I mean..I don't know yet.."

Will be a great story trust me :3


1. Progule

I ran past the big crowd, hugged myslef, and joined my brother. He smiled down at me, "tired already?" I groan, and shakes my head. "Am fine and strong and everything!" I said loudly, as I showed him..well you can say my imaginary muscles?

he laughed his head out, while I crossed my arms. "Yeah, laugh mike, but when you hear my name somewhere, don't forget I told you" I said angrily. " you mean the hospital list?!" He laughed out. I groan, as he sighed, and hugged me. "We will better get home early, I bet mom is angry" I nod, as we both walked home.

hey, am Alex, and I got a big idiotic brother. I live with my parents, until I find a proper job. Well am still in a highschool, know as "cait English highschool". What else can I say? Oh yeah, am turning 18 soon, but who cares? Well at least not you.

as we both reached home, I ran to my room, and directly hurried to my phone. Oh how I missed you my dear phone! One more thing to add, I am addicted to my phone. It is iPhone 5. "Alex, I better not find you in the phone" my dad remembered me from downstairs. I sighed, and ran downstairs. 

"Phone? What phone?" I asked innocent. He shakes his head, and continued reading his newspaper. "I am going out" I said, as I put my vans on, and ran outside. That when I find him there..

"louis! MY BUDDY!" I said loudly, running to him and hugged him tight. He chuckled. "Well, well what do we have here?" I smiled a big smile, as I looked at him. Let me tell you one thing, louis is one of my best friends, and he is absolutely funny! Just like me! I guess..

"Harry, wait a second" louis said, as my smiles dropped. "So you are busy, well see you tommorow school" I said as fast as I could, but he shakes his head. "Why don't you join us? We are making pranks" I smiled, but what fun is it with the  player in school?! Maybe oh the whole universe?! Harry Edward styles!


I took a deep breathe, "louis..I guess that's not fine" I said, as I lowered my gaze, but as usual he ignored me, took my hand and we both run to Harry. "Louuuuiiiiisssss!" Harry said with a wide smile, but soon changed to a groan. "What is she doing here?!" He said, pointing at me. I looked down, then up to him. Before louis could say anything, "look,I am not here to hear a jerk like you, I am actually giving a hello to my buddy, I got many important things to do" I said angrily. Louis shakes his head, and Harry was speechless.




one more thing about me, I love to talk back. Never ever dare to talk badly with me!Well enough of that, I gave louis a goodbye kiss in the check with a hug, while giving Harry a nasty glare, and he did as well. "Guys, stop it already! I am here for fun, and Alex is joining us, ok Harry?!" Louis said. Harry sighed a girly, hit a rock, then smiled. "Well, I will never love to go with a small breasted girl" louis gasped, as I angrily looked at Harry.



"shut the fuck up loser" I ran away angrily, tears brimmed in my eyes. Don't cry Alex, don't...

this is to far.


louis POV:

"god damn it Harry! What was that for?! You are just soo!!!" I angrily scolded him. He sighed, "why do you protect her?! It isnt like she is your girlfriend!" He yelled back. "Mate I got el for god sake!" 


He looked away, then walked angrily. I sigh, shakes my head, and went back home, nothing can help it right?!


they are always like this, fighting each other like some sort of enemies, they barely know each other!

god damn it...

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