Ever heard the saying, "never let your hopes high"?
Well, you could say, I fell in love, got broken, and again fell in love, but..
This time, not any ordinary guy,
But with the player..
Harry Edward styles
"Harry..please, stop it!" I half yelled, but he smirked in return. "Don't you want me?" He asked.
"Yes..I mean..I don't know yet.."

Will be a great story trust me :3


2. Chapter 1

"Alex, please come with us" louis said, I shakes my head. "Harry is going right?" I asked, as I made a pattern in the fogged window of Starbucks. He sigh, nod his head. "But it DOSENT matter, right? He won't talk to you, just me, you, haz, el, and the rest of the boys in a lovely trip" he said, in a moody tone. 

"Ok, only this time" he smiled, as we both walked down the street, to the park. "So they are there already?" I asked, he was typhoon something in the phone, and nod his head. I sigh, why didn't i get my phone?! It took us five minutes, till we reached there.

they were all her, the three handsome boys (not including Harry), the beautiful el, and..who is that? "And you are...?" I asked her, as she smiled. " iam Jenna's,, Harry's girlfriend for this week" I gave a disgusted face, as I looked away. How disgusting..he have a girlfriend every week?! 

Harry groaned, "are we starting or not?" Louis rolled his eyes. I hugged el, "OMG, how are you!!" I sang at her ears, as she giggled. You see, we are ask great friends. I hugged the rest of the boys (again not including Harry) "welcome to the treasure island!! Now bla bla bla, then you need to find stuff and bla bla" louis said, reading it from his paper. We all laughed, and then he smiled. "We will make teams. Team A and team B, in team A, Harry, me, oh shit..." He said, as the paper flew away. 

We all tried to grab it, but it flew far, far away. Louis groaned, "I hate you winds!" He yelled. El smile, "why don't we make our own teams?" She said. We all nod, and louis gave us each a paper. "Well open your paper, and see whether it is A or B" each of us opened the paper.

"B" I said, and looked at louis. Oh shit...Harry is B too.. "Should I really, really play?" I asked, as louis chuckled. "For sure, all the fun for everyone!"

i sighed, and the game started. We all searched for some thins, god knows, and in my opinion, I had a little of fun, if Harry isn't in my team. He is too bossy, oh god! "I found SOEMTHING!!!!" I yelled excited. Liam came, and smiled at me. "Good job, but next time no need to yell" I chuckled, as he poked my check, and we both ran around again.

it was soon dark, as we all had a tie, gave our goodbyes, and hurried to my home.

i hate explanations, cause it is a loose of time, anyways, I hope I won't see that jerk again...

for he fucking aroused me again!


"you are so stupid, how can you ever do that?! Small breasted, but long legs are awful!" He yelled angrily at me..

end of flashbacks..

i hate you Harry styles, for the entire of my life!

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