Wolf blood

Wolf blood is a story about how maddy a "normal team age girl" try's to act normal in high school.but no one knows her secret.her secret is that shes a wolfblood.A wolfblood is a human who can turn into a wolf when mad or when a full moon is out.maddy's whole family has NEVER left the country.all wolf bloods have their own pack and territory's.one day a boy named rhydian shows up at school. Maddy soon finds out he's a wolfblood on HER territory.what happens next?.

Hey this is based on the show called wolf blood.if anyone watches wolfblood these are not the real episodes,but i will take some parts from the episodes so every chapter is one episode.again these are NOT the real episodes of wolfblood.but they will be different from the episodes.


11. Episode 6 part 1

Rhydians pov

everyone watched the street dancing club and Kay was in it.maddy was trying to get on the stage but i wouldn't let her.her energy from her first transformation was still cursing in her veins.she finally got out of her chair when i wasn't looking and got on stage and took Kay's spotlight.she started street dancing and she couldn't even dance!.but she was good at street dancing!.tom looked at me weird and i sent him a "i don't know" look at him.everyone started cheering"MADDY MADDY MADDY!" Except me and the 3 Ks and the teachers.thats when her eyes turned yellow.when she finished dancing they were back to brown.

after the dance---

"Maddy smith you will have detention tomorrow!"mr.Jeffries said.maddy rolled her eyes.

maddys pov 

it was awesome dancin.i put my book away and then heard Kay ask dean(her crush)if he wanted to go to her birthday party."no thanks"dean said and walked over to me."hey you were awesome dancing!"dean said."thanks"i said."i didn't know you can dance like that.i was wondering if you could teach me some moves"dean said."we'll I'm not that type of girl who teaches people"i said."we'll if you change your mind..."dean said got a piece of paper out and gave me his phone #.he walked away and i types his phone number in my phone.i looked up and saw Kay sad.i walked to cooking class.thats where Kara and Katrina asked me to go to Kay's birthday party to dance.kay agreed.i said"sure" and continued cooking class.

at lunch---

"are you really going to Kay's birthday party!"rhydian said."yes i am"i said."but what about movie night it's on Friday like her birthday"Shannon said."oh yeah i forgot"i said.i walked to the 3 Ks."hey guys I'm gonna have to cancel I'm having movie night on Friday"i said to them."please come you can bring your friends too"Kara said."ok then in that case ill come"i said.i walked back to my table."guys i can bring you guys to the party you coming?"i said."but what about movie night?"Tom said."we can do it another night"i said eating another bacon."you really think that they would just invite normal maddy to a just party like that?"Shannon said."well yeah!"i said happily."you don't know what they might be planning "Shannon said."well normal maddy will go to her party"i said.i left the table and ate somewhere else.

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