Wolf blood

Wolf blood is a story about how maddy a "normal team age girl" try's to act normal in high school.but no one knows her secret.her secret is that shes a wolfblood.A wolfblood is a human who can turn into a wolf when mad or when a full moon is out.maddy's whole family has NEVER left the country.all wolf bloods have their own pack and territory's.one day a boy named rhydian shows up at school. Maddy soon finds out he's a wolfblood on HER territory.what happens next?.

Hey this is based on the show called wolf blood.if anyone watches wolfblood these are not the real episodes,but i will take some parts from the episodes so every chapter is one episode.again these are NOT the real episodes of wolfblood.but they will be different from the episodes.


10. Episode 5 part 2

Maddy and Rhydian got their books to go study the place like everyone else.they made a group with Tom and Shannon."so where should we go first?"Shannon said looking at her book with Tom.Maddy grabbed Rhydians hand and ran to the water close to the castle.there was sand and rocks.Tom and Shannon looked up from their books and noticed they were gone."their probably making out somewhere"Tom said.he was wrong."this would be a good place to transform for the full moon wouldn't it?"Rhydian said."it would but we promised my mam and dad that we would transform at the den.they continued to walk on the rocks when the found jimmy and his idiots.the two idiots are called Sam and Liam

."give me your book"jimmy said."read all you want"Rhydian said and gave him his book.Jimmy took the book."there's nothing on here!"Jimmy said.Rhydian smiled.Maddy laughed.Jimmy grabbed Rhydians backpack and threw it on top of a small house."go get it"Jimmy said.Rhydian smirked and jumped on top of the roof and grabbed his backpack.he started walking on the top part of the roof and balanced himself."rhydian get off of there before you get hurt"Maddy said.he laughed.he took one more step and then his leg slipped of the top and then he fell."RHYDIAN!"Maddy screamed.

she ran next to him."go get help now!"she screamed to jimmy Sam and Liam. they got scared of maddy and started running.sam ran the opposite way than jimmy and Liam and ran that way next.jimmy told mr.Jeffries that Rhydian fell and hurt his leg and they ran to rhydian."go already you have to transform with your family"Rhydian said."I'm not leaving you Rhydian!"maddy said."but if you don't go you-"rhydian got cut off by Maddy kissing him.

she stopped kissing him and then mr.Jeffries arrived and helped him up and ran to the bus because it was time to leave before it would be too late.they got inside the bus and started going back to school and then a sign said"STOP" and it blocked their way.it was too late."next tide 12:00!"Kara said reading the sign.they came back to the hotel and went to their rooms.Maddy called her mom and told her what happened and that she wouldn't make it home. 

at night 11:49pm---

Maddy and Rhydian were freaking out because they were about to transform in 11 mins.the teacher was telling a scary wavy SCARY! Ghost story!.thats when Kay's hand(one of the 3 Ks)fell on Maddys han)d on a scary part.Maddy shakes when she did that.Kay took her hand off of Maddys hand and felt embarrassed.

 They got sent to their rooms after the story.it turned 11:57pm and maddys eyes turned yellow she tried getting out of the room but Shannon knocked on the door yelling her name.Maddy held the door until she noticed the window was opened.she jumped out the window and Shannon opened the door and looked out the window and saw her running.she ran downstairs.tom was downstairs and saw Rhydian sneaking out the door he was going to sneek out too but saw mr.Jeffries.he sat down and Shannon did too.after mr.Jeffries left they ran outside.Maddy and Rhydian met on a huge rock over the tiny beach close to the castle.it turned 11:59pm and Maddy and Rhydians veins started growing on their faces arms everywhere and they were black.their eyes turned yellow.Rhydian grabbed Maddys hand and smiled.she smiled too.they let their selves transform and then Maddy transformed for the first time!.she looked at her self and rhydian looked at her.he smiled and got down on the rock and turned.they started studying eachother and then howled together.shannon and Tom heard the howling and Shannon followed it.tom ran after her.they ended up at this place that looked like a maze.maddy and rhydian ran inside and got separated.madddy got at a dead end and Shannon and Tom were close.maddy howled for help and rhydian heard.he tripped over Shannon and Tom and ran out with maddy.

morning at school---

Maddy and rhydian made it to school early in the morning with everyone else."well if they aren't wolf then theres only one thing.their dating"Tom said.Shannon agreed but knew that Maddy is a wolf."your right being a wolfblood is great"maddy said to rhydian.tom heard what she said but didn't know what"wolfblood" meant.

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