Wolf blood

Wolf blood is a story about how maddy a "normal team age girl" try's to act normal in high school.but no one knows her secret.her secret is that shes a wolfblood.A wolfblood is a human who can turn into a wolf when mad or when a full moon is out.maddy's whole family has NEVER left the country.all wolf bloods have their own pack and territory's.one day a boy named rhydian shows up at school. Maddy soon finds out he's a wolfblood on HER territory.what happens next?.

Hey this is based on the show called wolf blood.if anyone watches wolfblood these are not the real episodes,but i will take some parts from the episodes so every chapter is one episode.again these are NOT the real episodes of wolfblood.but they will be different from the episodes.


8. Episode 4 part 2

Everybody ran outside while Rhydian calmed Maddy down.when Maddy was calmed down Rhydian and Maddy ran outside with everybody else in line.Shannon came up to rhydian and said"just because you want to waist your time doesn't mean you can waist everybody else's time!"."Shannon calm down you don't know what rhydian has been through!"maddy said."your the one who didnt Help Tom do his revise!.he has HDHD and you went with rhydian to the woods!"Shannon said."Rhydian Morris come with me!"Mr.Jeffries said.rhydian sighed and went with mr.jeffries.

at math---

kara went up to Shannon and sat next to her."hey,Shannon i was hoping if you can help me with my revise for chemistry after school?"kara said.shannon looked at maddy and said"i will!"Shannon said.Maddy squinted her eyes at her even though Shannon wasnt looking at her.

after school---

shannon and Kara were working on their revise when Kara noticed that they forgot to close the door for the other chemistry things(they are in the chemistry class right now)."look they forgot to close the door when the fire alarm went on"Kara said.She pointed to the door and came in.she grabbed some stuff and brought them back to where Shannon was.Then maddy came in and said"Shannon you do know that once kara gets what she wants shes gonna leave!"maddy said.Shannon looked at Kara and said"i know".

"fine!"Maddy said.she turned around but didnt know she spilled a dangerous chemical inside a can.she left out the door.shannon grabbed a napkin and started cleaning up and then Kara said"we'll I'm done here"and left.shannon finished cleaning it but didnt clean the table and it still had the chemical on it.maddy came back in the room to say "sorry"but the table got on fire and Shannon was almost near it so she fainted.maddy's eyes turned yellow and had claws.she got on the ground and started looking for Shannon.Rhydian came in and maddy said"get help please!".

his eyes turned yellow when he saw the fire.he pulled the fire alarm and left.his eyes turned back to normal and ran into Tom on the way to mr.jeffries class."maddy and Shannon are in the chemistry room and the room is in fire!"Rhydian said.tom ran there and rhydian ran to mr.jeffries and told him the chemistry room was on fire.

maddy found Shannon but was halfway to fainting.she slumped down but before she could close her eyes Shannon woke up and saw her yellow eyes and claws.maddy closed her eyes and Shannon slides hers.tom came in and Maddy was back to normal.he helped them up and brought them out.mr.jeffries came in and had a fire extinguisher and took out the fire.

tom laid the girls down on the wall and Rhydian sat next to maddy and Tom sat next to Shannon.Shannon woke up."Shannon are you ok?"Maddy said.she looked freaked oout getting out of school---

Shannon ran up to Tom."Tom i saw Maddy transform in the fire!"Shannon said."what do you mean?"Tom said."shes a werewolf i saw her eyes turn yellow and she had claws!"Shannon said.Shannon knew he wouldn't understand and walked away.Maddy ran up to Tom and started drinking some of the thing that her mom gave her that wasn't dry on the napkin."what's that some"wolf potion?"Tom said sarcastically.

Maddy almost choked on her drink when he said that."what do you mean?"Maddy said."we'll apparently Shannon saw you turn in the fire but she was probably having a hallucination"Tom said."oh"Maddy said.

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