Wolf blood

Wolf blood is a story about how maddy a "normal team age girl" try's to act normal in high school.but no one knows her secret.her secret is that shes a wolfblood.A wolfblood is a human who can turn into a wolf when mad or when a full moon is out.maddy's whole family has NEVER left the country.all wolf bloods have their own pack and territory's.one day a boy named rhydian shows up at school. Maddy soon finds out he's a wolfblood on HER territory.what happens next?.

Hey this is based on the show called wolf blood.if anyone watches wolfblood these are not the real episodes,but i will take some parts from the episodes so every chapter is one episode.again these are NOT the real episodes of wolfblood.but they will be different from the episodes.


4. Episode 2 part 2

I'm gonna write differently like there's gonna be no povs so you'll get it.


maddy ran to lunch and found rhydian in a table alone.she sat next to him.

"I know you took it" maddy said."i did to protect us" rhydian said."we'll its your fault that you didn't lock yourself" maddy said."it wasnt me it could of been your parents or you" rhydian said."it wasnt me because I'm still a cub and my parets were locked in the den" maddy said."we'll it could of been another wolfblood" rhydian said."it couldn't be another wolfblood because they lock themselves up" maddy said."fine here!" Rhydian said.he gave her it and walked out.maddy sighed and ran after him.he headed for the woods and she followed.she caught up to him and jumped on him.they landed next to a tree and they started laughing.when they stopped laughing rhydian holded her hand.he was about to let go but maddy holded his hand.maddy got on top of him and laughed.she leaned in and kissed him.it lasted a few minutes  before they heard something.they stopped kissing and saw people in the distance but far away so they didnt see them.maddy got off him and acted like that kiss never happened she helped rhydian up.but rhydian didn't want to forget the kiss.he knew that he was in love with her.

back at school---

maddy and rhydian headed to math.when they got there the teacher had assigned seats for them and they'd edge up sitting next to eachother.maddy put her backpack on the ground under her chair and so did rhydian but under his chair.the rest of the lesson was boring.

after school---

rhydian got out of school and right when maddy came out he grabbed her hand and brought her to the tree that they kissed on.she smiled.

"why did you bring me here?" Maddy said."look" rhydian said.he pointed to the sunset that looked perfect at the tree."it would look better at the top" rhydian said.she smiled.they climbed the tree and looked at the sunset for a while."we'll i better go because mam is gonna worry about me" maddy said."oh and mom wanted me to invite you over to find out more about wolfbloods" maddy said."sure" rhydian said.maddy got a text from Tom saying"Shannon is going to look for the wolf to take another picture and prove that she is not lying are you coming?".she looked at rhydian and texted back"no I'm busy today sorry".he didnt text back.maddy looked at rhydian and he said"who was that?".maddy said"Tom"."lets go" maddy said.he jumped off and so did maddy.she landed on him but he didnt get enjured.she laughed and got up.they walked to maddys house and maddy opened the door.there was Emma and Dan maddys parents."you made it!" Emma said.she gave rhydian a hug and rhydian felt weird.maddy giggled."lets eat!" Dan said excitedly.they started eating bacon and meat.rhydian ate like a pig.dan wanted to test him out so he grabbed one of hhis meat and threw it next to him.he catched it before it fell and ate it.everyone thought it was cool except maddy who was eating."can i ask you something mr. and mrs.smith?" Rhydian said."of course Emma and Dan said."what happens to you on the full moon?" Rhydian said.dan looked at Emma and she nodded.they showed him the den.how it had the meat the beds and everything they need."but i thought being a wolfblood was about being free?" Rhydian said."no its about feeling everything and this is a gift being a wolfblood is a gift" Emma said."yah and all wolfbloods stay in dens" Dan said."we'll not all of them some are wi-" Emma stopped."some what!" Maddy said."should we tell her now" Dan whispered to Emma."tell me what!" Maddy said."well we weren't going to tell you after transformation but some wolfbloods don't stay in dens.they are called wild wolfbloods and they don't care if people find out what they are.some wolfbloods turn even when the full moon isn't out" Emma said.maddy looked shocked and ran upstairs.Emma,Dan,and Rhydian followed her upstairs.she took something out of her coat.her cout was hanging on the hangers next to the door.she showed Emma and Dan the picture of the wild wolfblood that Shannon took."that's the picture Shannon took and shes there right now taking another picture" maddy said."where is it?" Dan said."i don't know" maddy said."i do and i can lead you there" rhydian said."you can't come but you can tell us where it is" Dan said."i don't know how to explain it" rhydian said."we'll find it" Dan said.emma and Dan grabbed their jackets and drove to the woods."they'll be too late by the time they get there!" Rhydian said."uhh lets go!" Maddy said.they ran outside to the woods.while they were running they heard someone there.there was alot of fog so they didnt notice Shannon,Tom,jimmy and Jimmy's 2 idiots there so they screamed.which scared everyone.they heard growling and so they turned around and saw a wolf.but maddy knew that that wasnt the wild wolfblood it was rhydian acting like it.then another wolf came out of nowhere and attacked him."run!" Maddy screamed.they all ran behind a log.maddy grabbed Shannon's camera and ran after rhydian.the wolf pushed rhydian into a log which made rhydian whimper."leave him alone!" Maddy screamed at the wolf.the wolf looked at maddy and growled at her.maddy growled back and her eyes turned yellow.rhydian went next to her and growled at the wolf.maddy took pictures of the wolf to scare him off with the flash.then the wolf ran away.rhydian transformed back into human and looked awful.maddy did the unexpected and kissed him."I'm sorry i didn't believe you" maddy said after the kiss.they layed down on the tree while maddy erased the pictures that she took."it's ok maddy i wouldn't of believed myself either" rhydian said.maddy smiled and hugged him.they got up and rant to Shannon and Tom.jummy and his idiots ran away because they got scared.maddy said"be right back ill catch up to you later".she ran behind jimmy and his idiots and said"boo!".they turned around and screamed.she took a picture and ran back to Shannon and Tom and rhydian.as they were walking Emma and Dan pulled up next to them and said"are you guys ok?".they nodded.maddy gave Shannon her camera and she smiled.as rhydian was getting in the car Emma saw how rhydian looked awful."he protected my daughter"Emma whispered to herself.everyone got in the car.

at school the next day---

as jimmy entered the building he saw pictures of him and his idiots screaming.at the bottom it said"crybabies of the moors".everyone laughed at him including Tom,Shannon,Rhydian,and Maddy.

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