Wolf blood

Wolf blood is a story about how maddy a "normal team age girl" try's to act normal in high school.but no one knows her secret.her secret is that shes a wolfblood.A wolfblood is a human who can turn into a wolf when mad or when a full moon is out.maddy's whole family has NEVER left the country.all wolf bloods have their own pack and territory's.one day a boy named rhydian shows up at school. Maddy soon finds out he's a wolfblood on HER territory.what happens next?.

Hey this is based on the show called wolf blood.if anyone watches wolfblood these are not the real episodes,but i will take some parts from the episodes so every chapter is one episode.again these are NOT the real episodes of wolfblood.but they will be different from the episodes.


3. Episode 2 part 1

Maddys pov i woke up again from the alarm telling me to get up.i got up and got my normal school clothes and what i wore yesterday.i put on my old black shoes.i ran downstairs and ate my food.mom said can you invite rhydian over?.we need to tell him about wolfbloods".i said"ok but don't embarass me".she smiled and i walked out the door. I arrived at school and entered the building.thats when i saw pictures on the windows lockers everywhere!.i got one and saw yellow eyes on the picture under a tree.i heard talking and i followed it.i found Shannon sourounded by people including the 3 K's!.i entered the room and then i heard jimmy say"you call this proof?".i turned around and saw him.shannon said"yah i call this proof what do you call it?".he smirked and said"photoshop".everyone laughed except me,Shannon,and Tom.i looked at the picture again and on the bottom it said"the moors monster".shannon said"i have the real picture in the dark room".jimmy said"show us".she walked to the dark room and so did everyone else.when we got in she looked by the computer and then looked worried she started pulling everything next to the computer till everything was out of the way.she said"i swear it was there!".i smelled rhydians scent and knew it was him.
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