Don't Let Me Go

Genevieve & Janessa. The rich ones, the austrian ones, the pretty ones. Those were the girls stucked in Harry & Niall's head since they were 8. And.. ¿what happens when their life changes completely, making the boys hate the girls' family forever? But, years later; the boys will never expect to see them again. And the worse thing: They will never expect to fall in love with them.


3. The worst day of my life

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Yeah. They were very nice. Something was going to happen. Something good, i guess.

''H-hi!, I'm Genevieve'' i whispered a little nervous.

''And i am Janessa, how are you?'' she said a little nervous too.

''Hey!, I'm Harry and he's Niall!'' he said excitedly.

''Well, ¿where are we going Dad?'' asked Niall.

''¿Where do you want to go?'' replied Uncle Bobby.

''MMMM.... i think.... ¡Nando's! I'm hungry.'' shouted Niall firmly.

''But... it's 1:00 p.m Niall'' Janessa added.

''And remember Niall, the only Nando's in Ireland is in Dublin'' Uncle Bobby said.

''Well, there are other restaurants here in Belfast. And we can stay there until lunch time'' said Mommy.

''Ok....'' i said happily.









Genevieve & Janessa. Beautiful names. I was 8 years old. It's been 3 years since my father got a new wife and i got a new ''mother''. No. No one could ever take mom's place even passing 100 completed years. Hello.. My name's Niall

James Horan. And my life was ruined since Harry Edward Styles entered to my life. My parents & I were a very happy family. Until.... my grandparents took my mom with her to Spain and they never came back. Since that moment i had to live with Anne, Harry and his sister Gemma. I miss my mommy, she was always there for me. I wondered if she would return to our lives. 

MMMM... those girls were beauiful. Even more beautiful than the girls of my classroom. But i'm too shy & young for thinking about girls. But Harry.... he has 9 female friends and they always talked with him! Well, he has been handsome all this time. 

Turning back to the girls, they were beautiful and cute. And my hunger was big and annoying.

''I think i'm hungry too mom'' Janessa said.

''Okay don't worry J. We'll go to Chopin Grand Cafe''said Janessa's Mom. 

''¿Chopin Grand Cafe?'' asked Genevieve confused. Mmm... this girl needs some food tips.

''If you allow me Genevieve..... ¿Why don't you enjoy food as me and your sister?'' Goodness. I did it. 

''¿What is your problem Niall? Idon'tlikefood!! Food will make me fat!'' Said Genevieve angry. Oh My God, i shouldn't asked that. I was only trying to make her happier. Good, i spoiled the happy moment.

''¿Can we go for some food, or... not yet?'' asked Janessa.

''Forgive my son Janessa, he's only trying to bother you'' said my father.

''¡No! I didn't....'' 

''Shhhh.... You are scaring the girls. Look what you've done James, ¡Now apologize with Louisa & Phillip!'' shouted dad angrily interrumpting me.

''I am.... sorry! I was only trying to play with Genevieve...'' i said while sobbing.

''Niall, you didn't make anything, we understand that you were trying to play'' said Mr. & Mrs. Muller happily.

''But.... ¿have you seen what he'd done?'' said dad, strangely.

''If you allow me, Daddy is right. Niall mustn`t do this things, girls deserve respect, no fun'' said Harry firmly.

''¡Shut up Harry! ¡Shut up everyone! ¿Don`t you understand? Niall is just playing with us, Genevieve is a little difficult with food, but she's ok!, I am asthmatic and lookatme! ¡WE-WERE-JUST-PLAYING!!!!!'' shouted Janessa extremely angry.

'' We're leaving. Sorry Louisa, my sons are a litlle ill. I apologize if i caused damage to your daughters....¡Niall, Harry, we're going!'' said Dad seriously.

''But, Bobby your son is innocent. Don't spoit it'' said Louisa sadly.

''No, these boys have to understand what does RESPECT means, sorry.'' whispered Dad.

¡No!!!!!! This couldn`t be happening! My father was furious, The girls were astonished, Harry was smiling & I was ashamed. Everybody was in silence. They were all staring at me. My body was shaking as Genevieve stared at my face. Very soon, i broke the silence. 

''I just wanted- to.......'' i whispered after i started crying. ''To play a little because i am who i am!, Sorry Genevieve, sorry Janessa, sorry everyone but... i'll leave if you wish it''

''No!, Sorry but you aren`t guilty, You know? This is so stupid! My sister & I  were so excited of meeting you and look!, This is ending so bad. I just..- I can't say anything else'' Janessa screamed sadly.

I was only trying to be nice with girls for thefirsttime, as Harry used to. But it ended completely as i didn't want. But, then what? Was Genevieve able to forgive me? And mostly, Would my father forgive me? It was only a matter of time until i knew the answer.



"¡No!" That was the Only word Niall could say, and Genevieve staring at him. Eww.. Niall didn't deserve love from anybody, because of his foolishness, weakness, and a bad sense of humor.

"¿Hey What are you doing...?" asked Janessa, the beauty , but the shy one.

'' I... I... like your dress'' he answered ashamed. ''Very.. mmmmhh, Pretty'' final point. Poor Niall, i could do it better in one second. But Niall always spoiled everything. I hated him, but he was my... brother and i had to younger than him! 

Genevieve was the one who I liked very much. She was pretty lovely and.... ¡Perfect!

Then I looked up at her parents, staring at their daughters, both pretty yeah... But very different.




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