Don't Let Me Go

Genevieve & Janessa. The rich ones, the austrian ones, the pretty ones. Those were the girls stucked in Harry & Niall's head since they were 8. And.. ¿what happens when their life changes completely, making the boys hate the girls' family forever? But, years later; the boys will never expect to see them again. And the worse thing: They will never expect to fall in love with them.


5. Sanford Park School

So.... I'm writing again! I'm changing a lot of things in the story... Now the girls are entering junior high and the boys are in their last year . They hate each other. But... What happens when they meet again at the same school? Wrong place , wrong time, wrong people. Hahaha I hope you like this chapter and I'm sorry I haven't been up for ages but I promise I'll update as soon as I can okay :)

lots of love- nikolette xx<3


DUBLIN, 2012.



Great. Junior High. Those three years when you start drugs and guys flirt with you. My sister and I... I think we're okay. For me: My last year. For Genie, she´s in the middle. My asthma is still there. But it doesn't bother me at all. Now I have medical treatment that fixes it and I'm fine. Genevieve is looking forward on going to school. She likes vacations, but when she hears that school is coming, she practically jumps and jumps and jumps. I like school... But sometimes it just annoys me! We're supposed to enter Sanford Park School in Dublin, I'm not very surprised, but mom says it's amazing. Mmm, we'll see. 


"Janessa, what are you doing? Eating marshmallows again?" Shouts mom from upstairs.

"No mom! I'm just sitting on the couch. Nothing special." I say.

"Remember that today we're going to deliver school material and meeting your teachers! So get ready because we leave at 3pm!" She shouts

What? I don't wanna go! Seriously? Well I guess I have no choice. Life is so unfair. If I could only turn back time and be free... But that's not possible. Like my sister used to say once: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Well, now it is for me.

I think about how will Junior High will be. New subjects, new teachers, new classmates, new jerks to bear, new guys that want your innocence. And the list goes on. Maybe one thing will be positive about this school: New things to learn.

I hear steps coming into the room and see Genevieve entering the room. She seems very excited to visit Sanford. I don't.

"Well, what are you up to, sis?" She smirks.

"Nothing. Just wondering about the new school. Ugh." I sigh.


"I just... Feel like something bad is gonna happen the moment we enter there. Don't you?" I sigh again.

"No." She thinks for a moments and then speaks again. "You won't be thinking about Niall? Again?!"

Suddenly, my heart starts thumping very fast. The memory of... Him makes me melt inside.

"I..." Her words are stuck in my head now.

''What´s the matter? Cat got your tongue?'' She asks with a funny face.

''No. It´s just that...''

''That you miss your boyfriend. Totally reasonable Janessa. I mean, why did he leave you?'' She interrupts me and I make her a confusion face.

When Genevieve was 5 she met a girl named Roseanne. They were friends for 5 years and my family was ok with it. But one day, Genie came home with red hair. She claimed that she did that on her will and Roseanne had nothing to do with it. She was just 10. My parents went with a professional to undye Genevieve´s hair and she was grounded for 1 week. She never came out of her room. When the months passed, Genie went to therapy because she still had Roseanne´s influence. She recovered succesfully, although; she still acted... strange. Everything was different for her and soon everyone´s business was hers. With the years, the habit dissapeared but she still acts like that. It isn´t the right time to bring old habits back. I hated when she bragged about something not true. Like this. She was 4 when our parents and  Mr. Horan stopped talking to each other. And so I did with his sons. But as she grew up, I started explaining what happened with me and Niall Horan. She immeditaely started to think that I was in love with him and I was his girlfriend. I told her so many times that wasn´t true. But she ignored me and decided to live with that idea. Which is why I need to stop her to act like this before we begin school. 

''Don´t ever talk to me like that, Genevieve.'' I say firmly.

''What did I do? You´re the one who´s bringing the theme!'' she shouts.

''Listen carefully. I don´t want you to talk about that anymore and start talking like a normal person! Look: Ni... Mr. Horan´s son and I have nothing to do with each other. We never ''dated'' as you called it. He threw me out of his house 11 years ago and he said I had to leave because it was the best for us. End of story.'' I say with an agry face. She has to understand that.

''But.. tell me what happened with you and him.''

''I already told you.''

''Yes, but now you can tell me the explicit details.'' She smiles.

''Explicit details?'' My expression changes to confusion.

''Yeah!! Like... Did she looked at you completely in love? Or did you touched his face? How about that?'' She points with 100% security that I will answer her.

''What? This is absurd! I was 5 and he was 8! How could you ask... Nevermind, I don´t wanna talk about this.'' My hands start to tremble and I feel dizzy.

''Come on! What about...?'' She insists.

''I said I don´t wanna talk about this! Now if you excuse me, Mom´s taking me to see our new school I don´t know if you´re going too but I´m glad if you´re not!'' I don´t usually get angry so easily but I´m tired of this and I´m tired of having to think about it every day. ''Is everything clear Genevieve?''

''¡Wow! You´re really pissed off... It´s just that if you want to fix the hole in your heart you really need to find him. Look I´m not stupid. I know what love is. The night you came home after your encounter with him you were really devastated. Please don´t deny that you were at least a little in love with him. I mean, I was starting to like his brother. What was his name? Edward? ¡Harry! He was so good-looking! I never thought I could say this, but those eyes got my attention immediately. I saw another thing: Niall couldn´t stop looking at you...''

''Are you done? Now you want to help me? Sure! To save your skin!''

What she says is true. I liked him. I wanted to be his friend. And who knows? Maybe his girlfriend in the future. But not after what he did to me. I cried for months, spent three days locked in my room. I even missed school a week. Maybe it was stupid for a 5-year-old girl to do that. But I´ve learned that I will never have to go through to that again. 

''¡Girls, come on. We need to go now!'' That's our mom. 

Genevieve and I stare at each other as if we were ashamed of arguing. I was angry with her, but in the end, I feel bad for my younger sister. 

''¡We´re coming mom!'' I shout.

Genevieve makes an apology face. ''I'm sorry Jan. You know how I behave. Since that incident with Roseanne. Just let me tell you...''

''¡Jan, Genie, come on or we´´ll be late!'' Mom calls.

We both know that this talk isn´t over. And for the first time in many years, I want Genevieve to talk me about that topic.

''I´ll tell you later sis. And again: Sorry.'' Genie apologizes again.

''Sure. Apology accepted. I'm sorry too.''

''For what?'' She says

''For speaking to you in that tone. I shouldn´t have spoken in that way.''

''No problem. It's ok to be angry sometimes.''

We go downstairs and notice that Mom isn´t ready yet. The smell of pancakes in the kitchen makes us go and eat some quickly. As we finish eating, Mom comes out of the bathroom. She is wearing a green & orange dress, black slippers and a white hat.

''Mom, you look so... sophisticated.'' Genie points. She does. 

''And why aren´t you dressed properly?''Mom says.

Genie and I don´t know what properly is, but I think she wants us to put on a dress too. I don´t see how a good blouse with really nice pants isn´t proper.

''You see Mom, we´re going to a school. Not to a party.'' I say.

''You´re absolutely right Janessa. But if you want to impress the people in there, you really need to improve how you dress.''

''Mom, when the time comes to do that, I´ll put on a dress, not now.'' Genie says.

''Me too.'' I agree with Genie.

''OK. Let´s go girls.'' Mom says excitedly.

We get into our car.

''Mom, who do you think is going to that school along with us?'' Genie asks, in the middle of the road. That´s a good question. Especially if people like Fatima Lockwood the richest girl in Dublin and also the most annoying one, will go to the same school as ours.

Our mother smiles and lets out a funny laugh. She hesitates for a moment and then answers Genie.

''Oh, you don´t have to worry about that. If people who bother you are attending, it´s not gonna be difficult to solve that. Trust me: You´re gonna meet an awesome heck of people in there.''





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