Don't Let Me Go

Genevieve & Janessa. The rich ones, the austrian ones, the pretty ones. Those were the girls stucked in Harry & Niall's head since they were 8. And.. ¿what happens when their life changes completely, making the boys hate the girls' family forever? But, years later; the boys will never expect to see them again. And the worse thing: They will never expect to fall in love with them.


4. "¡I HATE YOU!" She whispered.

''Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.''

-Martin Luther King Jr.

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Oh Poor Niall. I feel bad for him. I didn't mean to say what I said. I was just trying to calm down the fight. But Uncle Bobby misunderstood it the wrong way and blamed Niall for that for no reason at all. I was starting to get mad with him. The only thing I could think about was how my parents were trying to defend me and Genevieve. But the worst thing about that day was the fact that Harry was staring at me the whole time and my stomach was hurting. I thought I could do or say something to stop that "familiar fight". Uncle Bobby and his sons were about to leave when I ran into their way and told him to stop walking.

"Please, don't punish him! I was trying to calm down the things because I don't like when my parents are shouting at other people!" Simple as that.

"Ok.. But my sons are responsible for this and there's nothing you can do, sweetie.'' said Uncle Bobby.

''Excuse me Father..''said Harry in a sudden moment.''I think i misunderstood it. You said: But my SONS are responsible for this.''

''No, Harry. You heard it well. Niall may be the one who caused this argue, but I told you since the very beginning to be a gentlemen as my elder son, Ok? But you didn't. What are you gonna say about it Harry?'' he started to get mad.

I didn't understand. What he just said to Harry... To be a gentleman since the very beginning.

Things were from bad to worse. A storm stroke Belfast just when my uncle dissapeared along with his sons in the night. So my sister cried all night, because we didn't get to take her to a party hall or a fancy restaurant and i cried because those boys were good people. But clearly Uncle Bobby wasn't. 

And that's how my sister got a whole-life trauma. And me, a mission to complete.




What is like your dad blames you of nothing and you get punished for three days? I didn't know. My brother Harry was away along with my sister Emma. They went to Yorkshire to visit their family for two months. So I was going to stay all alone with my dad. But he was working, a lot. So sometimes I was home alone the 24 hours of the day. And that was a difficult thing to handle. But eventually, I moved on. 

One day, when I was watching T.V, at aproximmately 4:35 p.m , the door bell rang. Who was it? Certainly, not my father. So I stood up from the couch and got closer to the door.

''Who is it?''

''It's me...Er. Janessa''No way.''I was wondering if you're okay. So my mom drove me here to your house. Can we talk?''Wow. For a 5 year-old girl I was already impressed. Of the way she talked to me. Simply mistifying.

''Uhh..Sure,come in''

''Open the door, it's locked.''I left the door always like that.

''Oh, sure.'' I opened the lock with the right key and the most beautiful face I ever saw appeared in front of my eyes. Pale skin, but a good pale skin. Blonde goldylocks hair. Blue aquamarine eyes. And the smile that melted my heart. Janessa.



When I entered his house, a cool, fresh air touched my skin. And oh my god. Niall was staring at me in a way that a warmth rushed through me. 

''So, this is your house.'' I spoke gently.

''Yeah, welcome.'' He said.

''Thank you for accepting this little... talk. It's very important.''

At that moment, a silence came in. His eyes began to wink repeteadly. His hands were cold, and his face was pale. As he had just remembered something.



Oh no. I just rememered something. My dad was angry with me because he thought I was having a secret friendship with Janessa. But I didn't! I barely knew her. Soon my heart stopped.


''You will never see that girl again. Ok?'' He shouted.

''But why???'' I cried.

''No questions. She is a dangerous person James. You have no idea the damage she will make to you and me if you keep watching her.''

''But dad, she's only 5! How could a child possibly harm us?''

''You are a kid. So I will keep it confidential, but... you have to promise you're never seeing Janessa again. Ok?''


''Niall! It's for your own sake. Do you love your dad?

''Yes, of course.''

''Well, then, promise him you're not seeing her anymore. Never again. Forget her. LIKE SHE NEVER EXISTED.''

''I...I....I..'' My heart was pounding. And then stopped.''I PROMISE I WILL NEVER SEE THE 5 YEAR-OLD JANESSA NEVER EVER AGAIN.''

~End of the flashback~



I was going to tell her the truth, but I made a promise. And I was already breaking it. 

''I need you to leave as soon as you can.''

''But .. what's happening?''

''Please Janessa, Leave.''

''Niall, I''

''I said: GET OUT OF HERE!!!'' It stopped again.


''Don't you understand? You are strange and dangerous. You must leave. Now.''

''I'm not leaving without your explanation!''

''Get out!!'' I pushed her.

She started crying. Then sobbing and finally .. The Real Janessa came out.


She left with not just tears in her eyes, but a memory of a person who kicked her out like she was trash.

And me... I was speechless. No one had ever said to me that. I HATE YOU. 

My soul was not just freezing in that moment. It was keeping that image forever. The image of her leaving and breaking my heart.


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