Don't Let Me Go

Genevieve & Janessa. The rich ones, the austrian ones, the pretty ones. Those were the girls stucked in Harry & Niall's head since they were 8. And.. ¿what happens when their life changes completely, making the boys hate the girls' family forever? But, years later; the boys will never expect to see them again. And the worse thing: They will never expect to fall in love with them.


1. Characters

Hi! Well guys, it's a pleasure for me present you DON'T LET ME GO. A romantic/dramatic Movella. So.. here are the characters ( I'll write the four first chapters with little children )

Little Genevieve.

Little Janessa.

Little Harry.

Little Niall. (aww**)


And... now: The Lady & GentlemanTeenagers :')

15-year-old Genevieve

16-year-old Janessa

18-year-old Harry

19-year-old Niall



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