Don't Let Me Go

Genevieve & Janessa. The rich ones, the austrian ones, the pretty ones. Those were the girls stucked in Harry & Niall's head since they were 8. And.. ¿what happens when their life changes completely, making the boys hate the girls' family forever? But, years later; the boys will never expect to see them again. And the worse thing: They will never expect to fall in love with them.


2. Belfast

First of all, this Movella was planned 10 months ago.... I wondered if you liked it, and if you do, I'll make a sequel :) SO... Just read it please,! , I'm sure you'll love it ;-)

lots of love ~Nikolette xx.


11 Years Ago ~ Dublin,Ireland.


Great. Mommy & Daddy will buy some nice stuff. My lovely sister Janessa is so... Lovely. My family is perfect. I walked through the long hall and find... Oh!! A puppy! Definitely the best gift of the Day. Today's my Birthday, I'm turning 4 years, but I'm kinda fine.


"J, Geenie!" Shouted Mom from outside "We're going to Belfast, c'mon "

I was very excited. I lived in a huge huge house. My Daddy is a lawyer, my mommy is a psychologist, Janessa plays the flute; perhaps she's 5.


Genevieve. Oh Genevieve. She's turning 4. Oh little and sweetie sister. Yes....

''¡Geenie! ¿Are you coming to Belfast with us?'' i asked her sweetly as ever. We lived in Ireland, but my family is from Saltzsburg, Austria. I am part of a high society family. My parents are very rich, because of my grandparents. Well well well, it's a perfect life, for my parents & for Geenie. I'm the only one that thinks this life is unappropiate.

''Yes. I am soo excited, ¿aren't you sister?'' Geenie asked with a beautiful smile in her face.

The only reason why i was going to Belfast, it's for Genevieve. Elementary School is good, i had few friends, but all my classmates talked with me everyday, because of my wealthy influences Genevieve was a little cute girl, for me: The Best Sister Ever. Unlike me,she has no illness, i hope. I was diagnosed of asthma 3 years ago. Hmmm... the greatest thing of all this is that , i'm just an innocent girl of 5 years, and ican'tfightformyfreedom. 

''So, ¿what are we waiting for? We'll have a very good time'' whispered Dad, putting his sunglasses on.

''Girls, hurry up! This is a long trip. So.. you don't wanna miss a visit from Uncle Bobby...'' mom said happily.¡UncleBobby! woah! We're the lucky ones, this could get interesting.''And... he's bringing his sons...'' ¿What? Oh... i guess they are good boys. We went on the car and we rushed to Belfast. 

He wasn't our uncle at all. We always called Uncle or Aunt, to our mom's friends. And he was a big one. She said that he was the best friend you could ever had.

''Mom, ¿do you know the names of the sons of Uncle Bobby?'' asked Geenie. 

''I think... Edward. Yes, Edward and James'' 

Oh. Enough names for today. I just couldn't get the idea of visiting strange kids, but Uncle Bobby is pleasant, so... nothing could be worse than that. My feelings in that moment were happiness and sadness. Happiness , because maybe i could make some new friends, and sadness, because of the simple reason of meeting someone strange.

Very soon, I delicately fell asleep with that names stucked in my head.



''Girls, Welcome to Belfast.'' mom whispered.  

''W-what?'' asked Janessa a little sleepy while rubbing her eyes. ''How much did i slept?''

''3 hours, your little sister resisted the whole way'' Yes. That was right.


We all got out of the car with some stuff and ..... Woah! I didn't know what was that, a large gray tube with a strange robotical box. Hmm... too many surprises today February 1st, 2002.

For my first time in Belfast, it was a very huge city. Janessa didn't look very happy; actually... she was a little bit angry. That makes me feel sad.

''Janessa, ¿why are you angry?, ¿is it me?''

''No, of course not, Geenie. It's only the situation of visiting this unknown place'' she replied me sadly. Janessa has always been shy. And that day was not the exception.

''Mom, ¿Where is Uncle Bobby?'' she asked seriously to mommy.

''Well... ¿why don't you discover by yourself, darling?'' she replied with a nice smile.

We both turned to the back and we saw.... ¡Uncle Bobby! Finally... we met again. And in Belfast.

Obviously, we got a little crazy, and after a few seconds, we ran to hug him.

''Hi my beautiful girls! And Happy Birthday Genevieve! You're such a lil' princess'' He said happily.''Louisa, your daughter will be soo beautiful in the future'' 

''Thanks Robert, as always. C'mon sweetie, say thanks '' Mom inquired me.

''Th-anks Uncle Bobby'' i replied him nicely.

'' My... birthday is on May, Uncle Bobby'' said Janessa exhaustedly.

''So....¿do you wanna meet my handsome sons?'' He said. 

I personally didn't like that he ignored Janessa, because she was my sister and if someone bothered her, he/her had to bother me first.

''I...i... of course'' i whispered a little angry.

And the moment we've all waited for. Meeting Edward and.... James. Two unknown kids who were expected to be nice and sweet.

'' ¿Are you nervous Geenie?'' Janessa asked firmly.

''A little. and, ¿what a bout you?'' i asked her.

''No. I'm not nervous. I'm worried'' she said.

''Worried, ¿about what?'' i asked.

''Um... worried about the boys' personality'' she replied.

¿Personality? Well, my sister is definitely angry with Uncle Bobby.

''When they get here, don't forget to greet they'' Dad said slowly.

''Err, no Dad. We won't forget'' said Janessa more happily than 5 minutes ago.


When Uncle Bobby came back, two boys were beside him. A brown-hair one, and a blonde one.

Mom was right, they look good.

''Niall, Harry... say hello to the little ladies. Be gentlemans!'' he said rarely.

''Hello'' Both boys said with a pretty smile.

''¡HI! Nice to meet you'' Janessa said excitedly.

Yeah. They were nice and sweet as i thought. I didn't knew what was going to happen. Something very good , i guess.


Oh Sweet Jesus. 

Well, here is Chapter #1, Belfast. Thank you so much if you read it, i'm pretty sure you will like it.

DON'T LET ME GO, is a Movella Fanfiction written by me;Andrea Nicole. All Rights Reserved.

If you liked Chapter One, you will love the next chapters...

Lots of love- xx NIkolette




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