Harry Turned Me From Goody Goody To Bad Ass part 2

Nicole finds out that Harry was only dating her to find out who was hurting her, when Nicole took the book in her hands she saw a bunch of swear words at the back of the book saying how much Harry hated her. But Nicole also has some problems to worry about with her step father. Do you think this love will last or will it float away? And will Nicole do something about her step father Reggie read the part 2 to find out!


1. Why would you do this to me?

As I turned the page of the book Harry ran up to me and took the book away from my hands "Nicole it's nothing! Let's go get a snack or something? What do ya say hmm?" Then I grabbed the book back and ran to the bathroom and locked the door, when I looked at the book I read everything! He does not love me! He lied to me the whole time? As I opened the door of the bathroom the rest of the lads came upstairs and saw my face look all red as I had a tear in my eyes, "so this is all the words you think of me? And you only used me for my darkest secret?! We'll speak up!" Harry's eyes looked at me and he grabbed my arm "look that was before I got to know you! I love you now! I'm truly madly deeply in love with you Nicole!" I tried yo forgive him but this had to stop now! I was tired of being such a good ass, It was time to a bad bitch. "Look Harry I'm leaving ok! I'm fucken tired of you I hate you!" I took my arm away from him and started to pack I saw Harry whisper something to Niall in his ear? After a moment i got dressed in a very short revealing red dress with red pumps and was about to leave, but Niall grabbed my arm and told me "I know you think Harry is a fucked up bastered can I just come with you please?" So I nodded and heard him whisper "where are we going?" "To a night club!" 

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