Why I Write

Please read this it would make my day!


1. Why I Write

    I believe that there is a specific reason why I write. And I don't know if anyone else can relate to this but here it goes:

    Writing is how I become the one I never am. When I write, I can make the character witty, funny, sarcastic, and have someone make friends. Writing a character's personality is so much easier than being that character in real life. The people I create are bad ass, funny, confident, amazing, people and I feel theyy are parts of me that hide away. Someday I wish I could bring out the Dakota Fenway, Persephone, Darcy, or Jaiden Greenwich I am a little bit of deep inside me. But for now, I explain them on the paper. One of the things I always do is give a character a quality I never learned:
    -Darcy and Nova skateboard
    -Dakota rides a segway and plays ukelele 
    -Jaiden is amazing in self-defense 
    All those things are on my bucket list. Writing, for me, is how I express myself in the way I am too shy to in high school. I am shy and keep to myself while I write about girls who fight back popularity, kick butt, and provide witty remarks while they discover new things about themselves. My fingers race across the page as I type up chapters I hope people will love and read. I don't know if anyone will read this, but if you do:

    Write a movella explaining why you  write. This took me two minutes and I don't know if this story will be viewed once and fade away or if you people will actually read it, but I need to know if anyone else writes for the same reason. 



P.S. workin on new chapters they'll be up latter this week :)

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