Her whole life will flip. Her opinions, her perspectives, her personality. Everything. Lucy Giselle's or Ellie's life will flip drastically. One minute she is singing around the house, next she just might get to sing anywhere... but who knows? She sure doesn't, but one certain boy is. Read to find out!


1. Please Don't Judge

     I just can't. I just can't. I just... can't? No you can't Ellie. Yes you can! You can do it! No I can't. If you're confused at the moment, the only thing I can tell you is... get over it. This is how I think. This is how my brain works. This is me. Sadly, but this is Lucy Giselle Haugen.


      Yep that's me, Lucy Giselle Haugen. The Greg Haugen's first born. The Greg Haugen's blonde one. The Greg Haugen's daughter. You know you really can pick any one of those, people will know exactly who you are talking about. You should probably just go along calling me by one of those names, that is what everybody seems to think anyway. I don't know about you, but I don't go around judging people by who their parents are, or who other people say they are. No. I call them by their name. Ya see, I just flat out don't judge people, or take them for granted. I mean God put them on this Earth for a reason! No, not for being an outcast. He put them here to make a difference. To do what they dream of doing.


        Anyway, I'm about to go onstage. Yup, that is what all that arguing in my brain between the little devil on one shoulder and the little angel on the other was about. I just found out the schedule for tonight's show "Live at First". This random boy band. Probably nothing special, maybe a few cute guys ya know here and there, but probably nothing like you know, OMG LOOK AT THAT GUY HE IS LIKE THE CUTEST MALE TO EVER STEP FOOT ON THIS WONDERFUL PLANET THAT WE ALL CALL EARTH!! HE IS JUST GORGEOUS!!! Yeah, no, I'm okay. I don't think that it is really necessary for us to talk about at the moment. So they will sing like two songs, then I go on, then they come sing like two more songs. Then my dad's band Center 313 comes on and sings like I don't even know how many songs, but I know that there will be a lot!


        My dad is not only the lead singer of this band at my church. No, he also the youth choir director at my church. I have to be in that choir. Yeah it's not great to be the director's daughter, but sometimes it comes in handy. Like when somebody is bothering you, or if you don't feel good, or if there is a certain boy I like. No I'm just kidding. I would never, ever, never tell him anything in that subject! NEVER. Because it wouldn't be this little crush that I can just keep to myself, it would be this huge, ginormous rumor, that my dad would just let slip through his lips. Yeah not good. You see, he loves to tell all of these little embarrassing stories about me when I was younger. I mean everyone finds them absolutely just the funniest and cutest things, but the whole time they are being told I'm just telling myself to keep all the tears in my eyes, the blushing only in my head, and just try to act like nothing is happening. It doesn't usually work, however hard I try.


         The lights are dimming. I'm sitting in the front row. Not knowing what in the world these guys look or sound like. Hope it's good. All of the sudden, "Who is ready to have a whole lot of fun tonight?" Oh gosh, this is going to be great. The lights are still off, no spotlight or anything, just this voice. "I know I am, and these other four guys beside me are!" All of the sudden there is this faint little strum of an electric guitar, and I mean faint like you can barely hear anything, and all these other girls behind me just start to go crazy! It was hilarious! One minute everything is just so quiet, and then BOOM, everyone's hysterical! Gosh, this night is going to fun! Maybe. If I can get over my nerves. Maybe. 





    Hey guys! I really hope you enjoy this fanfic. It is however my first one, but I still hope that you enjoy it! Yes if u guessed or thought anything about it, I am Lucy Giselle Haugen. Well Karalyn Haugen anyway. Yes all that stuff about her dad is true, but seriously go check out Center 313 on youtube that guy singing is my dad! Anyway, I will stop advertising now!! Love you guys!! Have a great week!!

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