Her whole life will flip. Her opinions, her perspectives, her personality. Everything. Lucy Giselle's or Ellie's life will flip drastically. One minute she is singing around the house, next she just might get to sing anywhere... but who knows? She sure doesn't, but one certain boy is. Read to find out!


4. Never Enjoyed it That Much Until Now

    "I-I-I I want to save ya! Want to save your heart tonigh-I-ight!" Huh, they are pretty good, I guess! Not too bad looking, as I think I've mentioned before. So they keep singing, they same girls keep screaming, I just keep waiting. Seriously I think this is the most nervous I think I've ever been! This is not me. Yeah I'm usually pretty shy, but not when it comes to singing! This is crazy let's just hope I'm over it soon! Cross your fingers! Oh gosh! Do you know what I just put together? That Liam guy is going to feel so stupid once he finds out that it's me ! That I'm Lucy Giselle! Oh Ellie you should have just come clean when you had the chance! Maybe he won't realize!! That would ruin any chances I have being even friends with him! Ah man! I'm so stupid! My eyes drift back to the stage with a worried look on my face. I see that one of the guys soon gets this panicking look, just like me, and quickly runs off stage.


     He never turned off his microphone, so then the whole auditorium could hear their conversation, the boy said "Where is the girl, that we are supposed to bring up on stage?" "She is he blonde one on the end of the front row" "That's her?! Man she is beautiful!" I blushed and looked over at the Liam guy, who then also started to blush. Wait why was he blushing? Oh yeah that's right he told me, or well he told Ellie that he thought that I or Lucy was pretty! Gosh I feel like Hannah Montana! Then the guy with the brown hair, and what looked like a bird tatooed on his arm returned back to the stage. All the other boys started laughing at him. So after their first song was over, they were all doubled over laughing as hard as they could. He looked back at them and asked through the microphone "What did I miss?" Then the one with the blackhair responded "Dude, Louis, if you are going to go off stage, you have got to turn off your microphone!" "What?" Louis asked "You all heard that?" "Yup" said popping the p. He had this big mess of curly brown hair, he was pretty not uglyish. 

       Then the music started back up again, playing a sweet little melody on the piano. The guy with black hair started to sing, "Your hand fits in mind like it's made just for me. But bare this in mind it was meant to be, and joining up the dots with the freckles in your cheeks and it all makes sense to me"  then Liam piped in " I know you've never love the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, you never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, but I'll love them endlessly" Then came the chorus "I won't let these little things slip out of my mind, but if it's you it's you, it's you they add up to, and I'm in love with you and all your little things." Let me just say that is probably the sweetest song that I have ever heard before in my entire life. The song ended, and everyone cheered, and then they all looked at me, smiled and nodded. I knew that was their way of welcoming me onstage. So I slowly got out if my seat and walked up the stairs to the stage the curly haired one slipped me bus mic and the music started to play. Then I started to sing. 

    "I'm not surprised not everything last I've broken my heart so many times I've stopped keeping track, talk myself in I talk myself out, I get all worked then I let myself down. I tried so very hard not to lose it. I came up with a million excuses, I thought I thought every possibility, umm." So you probably know how that song goes, but once that song was over, a big applause broke out that I could never forget. Then I sang Viva La Vida "I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word, now in the morning I sleep alone sweep the streets that I used to own. I used to roll the dice feel the fear in my enemies eyes, listen as the crown would sing, now the old king is dead, long live the king. One minute I held the key, next the walls were closed on my and I discovered that my castle stands upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand" then the weirdest thing happened, Liam started to sing the ahhhhs that had been left out because I can't sing two parts at once. I could tell by the look of his face, tag he was saying to just go along with it, and also I don't think he recognized who I was. To him I am still Lucy. "I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing, Roman Calvary choirs are singing, be my morrow my sword my shield, missionaries in a foreign field, for some reason I can't explain..." Let me just say I don't think I had enjoyed singing ever as much as I did that night with Liam of apparently One Direction. 



Hey guys!! So I hope you enjoyed it, I know it's going by pretty slowly but it will soon kick up into high gear! So yeah! Love you guys! Have a great week!


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