Her whole life will flip. Her opinions, her perspectives, her personality. Everything. Lucy Giselle's or Ellie's life will flip drastically. One minute she is singing around the house, next she just might get to sing anywhere... but who knows? She sure doesn't, but one certain boy is. Read to find out!


2. He Doesn't Realize

   "So I guess we will start singing now... right Frank?" "Right boys" WHAT THE HECK!! Who goes onstage and just says, oh I guess we will start now! Who is Frank? Why do they need to ask Frank? Do I know Frank? No I don't... wait yes I do know Frank!! He was at sound check earlier today. There is this little break where nobody says anything, it's just silent. Then all of the sudden just a little faint strum of an electric guitar sounds, and when I say faint I mean faint! Like seriously there was like nothing there, and there still was no light or spotlight. And all of the sudden, all of the girls sitting behind me go hysterical!! It was a absolutely positively the most hilarious thing ever!! Cause you are just sitting there enjoying the silence and then BOOM!!! Everyone goes crazy!! Seriously I already can't hear. Suddenly five spotlights decide to come on,  and my eyes start to wander around the stage. Nope never seen that one. Nope never seen that one. Nope never seen that one, but how could I not have?! He is not so terrible looking!! Bonus!! He is blonde!! Yes!! My eyes then continue their journey, nope never seen that one. Never seen that- wait!! Yes I have!! I saw him at the snack table at sound check this afternoon! This was literally our conversation. "I like your voice" I said to him, cause I didn't just want to stand there awkwardly. Then he said, "Thanks! I'm excited to hear this other girl's voice today! I think her name is Lucy?" "Oh yeah, her name is Lucy. She and I are pretty close." I'm Lucy, hello dude, with really cute hair! "Oh that's cool. I saw her picture, but it was kind of blurry, but from what I could see she was really pretty! You probably don't care though..." "Oh no! Don't be like that! I would say that she is really pretty! By the way, I'm Ellie." "Oh sorry love, I forgot to ask you for your name!" "Oh that's fine, I'm kind of used to people not knowing my name..." " And why is that?" Oh well, my dad is the lead singer in Center 313, and they are singing tonight, but anyway. People pretty much just know me as his daughter." "Oh I'm sorry, Ellie! I won't ever call you that! Plus people really should get to know you, you are pretty nice, and from what I've said to you, really fun to be around!" "Well thanks. I'm glad somebody thinks that!" I say as I grab two slices of pepperoni pizza and put them on a plate, as Frank calls my name. "ELLIE! LET'S GO!!" I groan, running off with pizza in my mouth, and a plate in my hand, give a quick wave to the guy I was talking to, and meet Frank. "Oh I see that you are getting to know Liam!" I quickly swallow my bite and respond "Yep, the funny thing is, I didn't know his name until you told me!" "That's great!" Obliviously not caring or paying any attention to me what so ever. "Go get makeup and wardrobe done, and get on stage! Hurry!!" "Kay bye!"





Hey guys! Once again thanks for reading, I know this chapter was kind ehh, but at least we have some of the boys in the story now. Just F.Y.I. The boys aren't famous in this story, at least not yet, but anyways love you guys! Have a great week!

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