Alone in the World

Kylie and Rose are finally going to see One Direction in concert! They are beyond excited when they get front row tickets, too! But what happens when everything changes? Everyone in the world disappears. Except for Kylie, Rose, and 5 boys...


2. It Happened.

I am so excited!!!!! Today is the day I go to see One Direction in concert!!!!! I’m freaking out!!!! I danced around my room, listening to Jukebox by the Summer Set. “Friday night, at the bar, where everybody knows my name,” I sang. Rose thinks I’m an amazing singer, but I think I’m awful. My phone starting buzzing, so I turned my music down, and pranced over to my phone like an idiot. “Hello?” I answered. “KYLIE TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!! I’M COMING OVER TO DO YOUR HAIR!!!!! AHHHHH!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! SEE YA IN A MINUTE!!!!” she yelled, just about bursting my eardrums. I looked at the clock. 1:34. Ugh, like six hours before One Direction… *like six hours later* Rose and I stood by our seats, buzzing with excitement. We had a great view of stage. Rose was wearing a cream knee-length dress with a brown belt. She had brown boots, and matching gold and brown bracelets. I had put her hair into a long fishtail braid. She looked stunning. I was wearing a navy knee-length dress. I had on silver flats, and a silver One Direction necklace. Rose had curled my hair and pinned it to the side. I thought I looked okay, but not as good as Rose. The opening act came out, and they were good, but no one came for them. When they finished their last song, the stadium buzzed with excitement. “Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot believe we are here. Seeing One Direction. In the front row,” I said, bouncing on the balls of my feet, waiting. “I know right! Oh, shut up!!!! Here they come!!!!!” she yelled. One Direction popped up onto the stage, going right into “Kiss You”. Everyone was screaming, Rose and I the loudest. Harry. Louis. Zayn. Niall. Liam. All right in front of us. Harry ran by us and touched Rose and I hands. We looked at each other and screamed. We were still jumping up and down and giggling when we saw Harry look at us funny. Our eyes got big and we giggled even more. He chuckled. They did their little intro thing, then went into “Best Song Ever”. I was singing along and recording with my iPhone, when Liam came over and grabbed it from my hands. He started recording the boys and making funny faces. I just looked at Rose and screamed. But, that’s when it happened. The thing that changed my life. One second I was belting the chorus to “Best Song Ever”, and the next, standing in an empty stadium with Rose. And One Direction. Their singing eventually faded out as we started at each other. Rose and I looked at each other in complete and utter shock. We were alone. With One Direction.

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