Well my life sucks, what about yours

Hi, I'm April Lawson and I'm in grade 10 at Greenlands High. Yeh that's about it so read it or don't read it, your choice :)


2. Chapter Two

Seriously, you don't even know the meaning of the word embarrassment until you have walked into the coolest party of the year with a freak by the name of Bell who is wearing the brightest and most yellow dress to have ever been sewn. People stare. And not a 'OMG so jealous of her' but more a 'what the fuck is that girl wearing' stare. The worst part is that people judge my attire then even if I do look sexier than Angelina Jolie. They are critical about everything. Right down to my toenail polish (I don't have any on but if I did then they would judge it).

I have to ditch this bitch while the night is young. Ooh there's Katy. Okay so the low-down on Katy Patch; she's a 6 foot beauty queen, absolutely flawless. In such good shape so she's tall but skinny. Blonde long hair with rich green large eyes. Such white, straight teeth. A real good rack too (it definitely comes in handy). She just has the clearest skin as well. She is just perfect and if I didn't love her I would have to hate her. Every girl I know is jealous of her. But she's not your typical blonde beauty queen, she is so smart and she doesn't even try! She is good at every sport she tries but her favourite is swimming, she's so graceful in the water. And believe it or not, she is the world's biggest clutz! She trips over her own two feet. But when she gets a bruise or whatever, its there for like a day and she's then flawless again. She's so down to earth though and so nice and caring. It's almost like she loves everybody sometimes but our group knows she hates everybody. 

"Ello Lawson"

"Hey Katy, anybody else here yet?"

Now when I say anybody else, I mean in our group. Our group consists of Katy, Olivia, Abbey, Lily and me. I'll give you a quick summary of the others as I come across them.

"No I haven't, I was about to run away from sunshine over there" referring to Bell "but then I remembered you were coming with her, so I went against my instincts and came to find you"

Did I mention she's pretty funny as well. 

A familiar voice then calls out "Well look who's bringing sexy back!" 

Olivia Barsby, the smallest in our group and yet she's the oldest and smartest. She has short chocolate brown hair and almond brown eyes. She is completely devoted to fashion and tries the craziest combinations and somehow makes them work. She isn't great at sport but she's not horrible either. She's super nice too. She set up a feed the homeless thing on Sunday's and we are sure she's going to make school captain. She's so mature and sophisticated but she knows how to party when she needs to.  

"Olivia Barsby has entered the building ladies and gentlemen." announces Katy, and then in a normal voice again, "why the fuck do you have an orange clutch if you have a blue dress? Did this star over her put your outfit together?" Again referring to Bell. 

"No, it compliments the dress!" retorted Liv.

"Uh whatever you say then. OMG there's Josh! Jesus he's hot!"

Katy is very religious as well and she falls in love too easily whereas Liv doesn't believe in God and love is a foreign concept to her. Okay it's time for me to intervene.

"Dude do not ditch us to go and flirt with him!"

"Calm your tits Lawson, I was just admiring his hot body from a distance."

"Let me guess, you lot are talking about Josh Henderson."


How do I even begin to explain Abbey Roost, she is just stupid. Gorgeous but dumb. She's failing maths A. How do you fail maths A? She was in Home EC once and was using a sewing machine. Now only somebody like Abbey could ever do this but she sewed her finger to her material. The needle had gone clear through her finger and then through her material. It was possibly the most funniest thing I have ever witnessed. But back to her looks. She has short blonde hair and brown eyes. She's thin but not in shape. She's the only one in our group without a job believe it or not. She's had the same boyfriend (Kevin James) since year 8 and he's amazing to her. No wonder they are still together. Anyways back to the party.

"Whoa April, you look stunning!"

"Aw thanks Abster" I love compliments! They really boost the spirit.

"It's okay everybody, the life of the party is here!"

Lily Evans is my bestest friend in the group. We have been friends for 4 years now and have been so much together. She's just a bit taller than me and she has medium length red hair. She has green eyes as well but hers aren't big like Katy's, they are more almond shaped. She has a few freckles but they don't dominate her face. She has dimples when she smiles and she's just so pretty. She's too quiet and shy to ever get a boyfriend but she's not really concerned by guys. She's not a genius but she's not a dumb ass either. 

I guess I haven't really explained myself much but my name is April Lawson and I am pretty smart. I'm a little under average height but oh well. I have medium length blonde hair and i have light blue eyes. I hate sport but I love running. I'm skinny and I have really good legs if I don't say so myself. 

"I say we ditch our little daffodil over there and find somewhere else to stand" said Katy.

"I second that!"

"Cheers Lawson"

"Let's get away from her"

Now that my friends are here, my happiness is coming back. This night is going to be one to remember.


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