Well my life sucks, what about yours

Hi, I'm April Lawson and I'm in grade 10 at Greenlands High. Yeh that's about it so read it or don't read it, your choice :)


3. Chapter Three

So this party is really raging now, I swear there's like 200 people here. I think I'm starting to get a bit drunk because my judgement is getting cloudy. Oh well I'm having fun. Oh shit, Bell's coming over, and she looks off her face! 

"April I want to go home! Do you think daddy will yell at me for having some jelly? He says it's bad for my teeth."

"Dudes Bell has been taking jelly shots hahaha" 

Katy hears this and staggers over, "what's this our little Bell, have you been ruining your teeth!"

Bell is now in tears, "that sounds like exactly what my dad would say!"

We all start laughing because it's so pathetic and we are all pretty drunk.

Katy starts like freaking out. 

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Dude" she replies "Josh Henderson is coming this way! He is walking towards us! OMG how do i look?"

"Like an expensive hooker" I yell

"Good, it's the effect I was going for" she yells back at me.

Wow, he really is amazingly hot! I mean I would never go for him, it's common knowledge amongst our group that even though Katy falls in love easily, she has been in love with Josh since year 5. I mean yeh I like him too but I would never act on it. Like think of the hottest guy you know and times him by ten and you have Josh Henderson on a bad day. He is like God's gift to women. The last person he dated was Stella Flagerty and she is head cheerleader. They lasted about six months when she dumped him for Ryan Scrither, the school delinquent. Yeh he's good looking but he has nothing on Josh. It's also obvious that Lucy has a major crush on him. Nobody can compete with Lucy. Actually I think Katy could give her a run for her money.

"Hello ladies" 

Oh God he's so beautiful. 

"Hey Josh, I like your socks, they match your eyes" and of course Abbey has to make things slightly awkward. 

"Uh thanks Abs"

"That's okay, I think I'm going to go find Kevin, he needs to take me home. Goodnight my lovelies, goodnight Josh."

"Night" we all chime back at her.

"Um April, can I please talk to you for a bit?" Why does the love of my life want to speak to me? I mean the only times we talk is in Biology when he wants the answers. 

"Yeh, sure" I hear myself answering.

The look on Katy's face isn't what you would call friendly but oh well, I'm intrigued by what this stud wants with me. 

"So, as you have probably heard, I really like you."

Have I had too much to drink or did he really say that. 

"Can you please repeat that slower and clearer?"

"I said that I really like you April. Why do you think I ask for your help in Biology? I only do it for a reason to talk to you."

Oh wow. That's news to me. I always just thought he really sucked at Biology. I need to rethink my whole life now. Did God make those kids at my old primary school bully me so that I could move to the primary school where my love attended? Did I have to go through all that grief for a bit of happiness? Wow this alcohol is making me feel sentimental. Okay April, back to the present.

"Yay for you?"

Real smooth.

"I know it's a lot to take on but yeh, I needed to express my feelings."

Okay play it cool.

"I need to throw up"

Fuck my life.

Okay walk away. Why are people walking into me? Oh right haha I'm the one that can't walk straight. I see my friends. Why do they look angry?

"Hey April, dad came to tell me we are going okay" 

"Okay hang on Bell"

"No we have to go now"

"I said hang on"

"No April, lets go" and the bitch starts pulling my arm. 

"Fine, have it your way!" I storm out of the room in a towering rage. Why do all my friends hate me? Why does Josh have to like me? Why is Bell still wearing that stupid yellow puffy dress!?

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