Well my life sucks, what about yours

Hi, I'm April Lawson and I'm in grade 10 at Greenlands High. Yeh that's about it so read it or don't read it, your choice :)


1. Chapter One

I am living the life! Getting A's in most of my subjects (okay I'm getting B's in history but who cares, most of the people are dead anyways!) and i have so many friends its not even funny. I have been invited to this major party this weekend as well which is ah-may-zing!

This bitch I hate, Lucy, is hosting the party and she invited like the whole grade and heaps of people from other grades too but it should be amazing! I mean yeh I'll probably hate everybody there but who cares, I will be at the best party of the whole year! Okay so I might be going on a bit about it but come on! It's a fucking party! I swear the last time I went to a party was like year 2 when it was expected that you invite the whole class.

Okay so let me give you a gold description of my outfit, its a black knee length dress that has a belt type thing at the waist and it has about 2cm strap on either side and it kinda just flows at the bottom but not in a skanky way. I'm wearing black prism heels and my hair is straightened and the side pinned back so in other words, I look like sex in heels! okay that might be a bit of an understatement but I don't want to seem too full of myself.

Oh gee my ride is here, this is so fucking exciting! My friend Bell (short for Belinda) is giving me a lift (well her dads driving but who even fucking cares) so when I arrive I will have somebody to talk to. Okay when i say friend I really mean acquaintance because I actually cannot stand her! She's so stupid and annoying and ugh! But hey, she's better than nobody at all, well maybe, depends on what she'e wearing really.

Oh shit! Who even wears yellow these days! What the actual fuck man! This is ridiculous! How can I be seen with a person that totally goes against the law of fashion? Okay stay calm, this is just a small bump on the way to a fabulous night (talk about a small bump, her dad just took that speed bump at the speed of 60, is he drunk or something). OMG, that's Lucy's house. I swear its like bigger than China! Wait, Bell's dad is still driving.

"Um, Mr Kolber, that was her house back there"

"Oh yes I know that, I was just looking at the neighbourhood to make sure its safe for my little Bell"

What a retard. No wonder Bell is the way she is.

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