Well my life sucks, what about yours

Hi, I'm April Lawson and I'm in grade 10 at Greenlands High. Yeh that's about it so read it or don't read it, your choice :)


4. Chapter Four

"Mum, I'm home"


Ooh there's Ben and Jerry's in the freezer! Okay upstairs and into my room. No new Facebook messages surprise surprise. And flop. God my bed is so comfortable. Heels off. Okay I need to get into my pyjamas. OMG I feel complete climbing into bed. 

So lets see what has happened tonight. Bell wore the most hideous thing I have ever seen and not one person chucked on it or "accidently" spilled a drink all over it. She seemed to have a fun night though. I can't believe she took those jelly shots, what an idiot. At least she didn't get completely drunk, I mean it seemed like it but a few jelly shots can't do much harm.

Abbey wasn't drunk, I mean she had her wits about her. She left before all that happened with Josh so she should be cool with me. At least we don't have school tomorrow, that would just be torture. 

Olivia didn't seem too fazed by anything that happened but she did at the same time. She didn't seem to care that I walked off with Josh but when I came back she just shook her head at me and walked in the other direction. I mean what the fuck man, what did I even do?

Lily who is meant to be my bestest friend in the whole world was even slightly cold shouldered towards me, like she didn't want me to go near them. I mean she was the only one in the whole group that I trusted with the Josh secret so she should understand. OMG what if she has told the others that secret. But she wouldn't would she? No! We have been best friends since forever and she wouldn't do that to me.

I'll think about her later, it's late and I'm tired and I need to think about everybody. Why did I spend so long thinking about Bell? OMG now I'm going on about wasting time. Okay shut up and get back to thinking.

Katy looked like she wanted to murder me with her eyes! I've never seen that much hatred coming from her. We have always gotten along so well, I mean what's changed. Why all of a sudden is she looking at me as though I did something wrong. Did I do something wrong? Not that I'm aware of but maybe it will come to me in the morning after I have rested.

And Josh. Like what the hell was that even about? What did he mean by he's sure I've already heard? Does that mean that heaps of other people know? Has there been stuff spreading through the school about me that I'm unaware of? If so that's so not cool. Oh shit I need to puke.


Okay I'm going to go to sleep now. And of course, just as I'm dozing off, my mother bursts into my room.

"What the fuck man, get out!"

"Why did you eat the last of the ice-cream you little bitch?"

"Why can't I?"

"Because it's mine!"

"Whatever go away"

"No! You have to fix this issue!"

"Mum get out I want to sleep!"

"You can fucking sleep after you have replaced my fucking Ben and Jerry's!"

I hate my life

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