Half-Blood Heros: The Daughter of Poseidon

Sarah thought she was just an ordinary girl until she found out that she was the daughter of poseidon!


2. The Empousa

 As i was walking by the girls bathroom Sydney Stumbled out. one of her shoes almost fell off but she fixed it as fast as she could. Her dirty blonde hair looked like it was styled by a tornado and she had a nervous look in her blue eyes."Sarah!" she gasped "take this it is a gift from your father open it if anything strange happens when you are in Mrs. Taylor's room". She handed me a silver oval shaped locket with my name carved in cursive letters on it around the edges were the prettiest emeralds that i had ever seen."Wait what?!" I said in Amazement "But my father abandoned me when i was a baby I-I dont even know who he is!" She looked at me sternly and said "I'll explain later you need to go." I turned around and continued down the hallway to Mrs. Taylor's room. Mrs. Taylor and Alexis where waiting for me. As soon as I entered the room Mrs. Taylor shut and locked the door. "Why did you lock the door?" I asked. Mrs. Taylor pushed Alexis and me to the ground and she started to change. Her skin turned white as chalk, her teeth sprouted into fangs,her eyes turned red, her left leg was a brown donkey leg hoof and all, and her other leg was its normal shape but it was made of bronze. Alexis and I started screaming "What the heck are you?!" I yelled. "I'm an empousa" she hissed "and you two demigods are my next meal." I was really starting to freak out why did she call us demigods? I took off my locket and opened it the locket expanded into a shimmering bronze sword with a leather wrapped handle. I let my instincts take over while Mrs. Taylor was looking stunned. I swung the sword at her side and she exploded into gold dust. I helped Alexis to her feet and we ran out of the room. We met Sydney outside the school "What happened int there?" she asked. I explained everything to her and she said "We need to get you guys to camp Half-Blood as fast as we can we dont have much time."

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