Half-Blood Heros: The Daughter of Poseidon

Sarah thought she was just an ordinary girl until she found out that she was the daughter of poseidon!


6. I Am the Daughter of Poseidon

We walked along the shore until I found the spot from my dream.  i didnt hestitate I jumped straight into the ocean. I could see very clearly and my clothes didnt seem to be getting wet. I saw something glittering on the bottom I swam down to pick it up. It was an emerald in the shape of a fish it shimmered and grew larger until I was looking at an emerald green fish. My lungs started burning and I started to swim to the surface when a voice in my mind said you can breath underwater. I took a deep breath and I felt relief I have no idea why I listened to a voice in my head but I'm glad I did. Who are you? I thought back I am Ichthys or fish in english. the voice replied. are you the fish in front of me? yes now listen your fathers trident has been stolen and you are the only one who can get it back. you must journey to his palace for further instructions from your father. I am here to help you on your way just say my name and I will come. Goodbye for now Sarah. Ichthys shrank back into the tiny emerald fish.I tucked him in my jeans pocket and swam to the surface my mind going a mile a minute. Alexis looked worried. "OMG SARAH I THOUGHT YOU DROWNED!!!" She said squeezing me tightly in a hug. "I'm fine," I said "but you are suffocating me!" "sorry." she said letting go. She gasped and stepped back. "What?" I said. She pointed to a spot above my head, a glowing green trident had just appeared there. "Oh" I said "what does it mean?". "Well the trident is the symbol of Poseidon," She said "so I'm guessing that he just claimed you as his daughter." It all made sense now I could breathe underwater and my clothes don't get wet in water. "Let's go get Chiron," Alexis said " he'll want to know about this." "Who's Chiron?" I asked. "Geez Sarah didn't you do anything yesterday?" "Yeah I slept" "Just come on" She grabbed my hand and we ran to the big blue house with the white trim. Alexis didn't even knock she burst into the house and yelled"CHIRON!" A man in a wheel chair rolled down the hallway. "Hello Alexis," he said calmly "I see you brought Sarah. is there something wrong?" "Poseidon just claimed Sarah!" She said excitedly."Oh I see" He replied "Alexis do you mind if I have a word with her alone?" "Um sure" She said walking out the front door. "So Sarah I see your father has claimed you." he said "Do you know what this means?" "Um I'm still a little confused on all this Greek stuff so I don't know." "It means that you are a child of the big three. You are a very powerful demigod." "Uh is that bad?" "Well it means that you could be very dangerous to the gods and to Olympus." "Oh" I said quietly. He stood up and he started pulling out a horse body from his wheelchair until he was a, oh what are they called? Oh yeah a centaur. From the waist up he was a normal man but from waist down he had the body of a white stallion."Sarah I will show you to cabin 3" I hadn't really paid much attention to the cabins when we got there but wow there where some crazy cabins here.  Chiron took me to the cabin that looked like it was made out of sea rocks and smelled like the ocean breeze. "Here is where you will be staying" and with that he left. I got my stuff from the Hermes cabin and picked out a bunk next to a pretty salt water fountain. A horn sounded signaling the start of lunch. I walked out the door and started heading down to the dining pavillion.

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