Half-Blood Heros: The Daughter of Poseidon

Sarah thought she was just an ordinary girl until she found out that she was the daughter of poseidon!


3. Getting answers

We all started running through the streets until we got to my house. I was still holding my sword I wasn't quite sure how it turned back into a locket. Sydney reacher over and pushed in a big emerald on the handle that i hadn't noticed earlier and it shrank back into a locket. "thanks" I muttered. We all went inside and up the stairs to my room. "That Empousa called Sarah and I demigods" Alexis said (Alexis is in love with Greek mythology so she knows all about this stuff) "are we really half mortal and half god?". "Yes" Sydney answered "i wish i knew who your parents are.". "Wait a minute" I said a little confused "our parents are gods?". "Yes" Sydney said "oh and you should know that im your protector". "Our protector?" i said getting more confused. "I'm a satyr and my job is to protect the two of you." Alexis's eyes grew wide "you mean that under those jeans and shoes you have goat legs?!". "yup" Sydney said pulling out some wooden pan pipes. She stroked the wood of the instrument and began to play to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star. "Alexis you need to call your dad and tell him you are going to camp with Sarah until it is safe again" Sydney said "Sarah i'll go talk to your mom you stay up here and start packing." "ok" i said not wanting to protest. They both went down stairs I grabbed my old turquoise backpack from 5th grade and i packed my laptop, my sketch book( I LOVE drawing), and my favorite purple mechanical pencil with some extra lead. "Sydney!" I called "What do I need to pack?" Sydney came up the stairs "um you should pack.. well you dont need to pack any clothes because they give you clothes at camp.. uh pack shoes and socks and that kind of stuff and get down stairs we have to leave soon." "ok ill be ready in 5 minutes." She went down the stairs leaving me alone to pack. Once I got everything ready I ran down stairs to find everyone waiting for me. My mom's Brown hair flowed down her shoulders I saw sadness in her brown eyes. "Oh sweetie" My mom said soothingly "I love you have a safe trip to camp I'll see you soon."

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