Half-Blood Heros: The Daughter of Poseidon

Sarah thought she was just an ordinary girl until she found out that she was the daughter of poseidon!


7. Capture the Flag

I walked into the dining pavillion and took a seat at the Poseidon table.  "We will be playing capture the flag after lunch." Chiron announced, we all cheered. "Apollo,Athena,poseidon, and hermes cabin on the blue team. everyone else on the red team." everybody started eating and having coversations while I was over here all alone. A dryad came with my barbeque "thank you!" i said "youre welcome, enjoy." she replied. I walked over to the brazier and tossed in some of my barbeque. "this is for you dad" i said quietly. after i ate we all grabbed any magical items we had, our armour, and our weapons and hurried off into the woods. I was glad to have the Athena cabin on our team, they are really good with battle strategies. wait a minute Alexis is on the other team! ugh maybe i could just avoid her. A horn sounded in the distance, the game had begun. i was surprised that the Athena campers told me, Jordan, and Alex (a super cute guy from the Apollo cabin) to capture the flag. We split up to look for the flag. Soon I came to a creek, the boarder between the teams. I ran to the bank, tripped on a rock, and fell face first into the creek. Ouch. I stood up and crossed. Im glad that I have the ability to stay dry. I ran about 15 more meters up a hill when I saw the flag with no one guarding it?? This has to be a trick I opened my locket it grew into a glowing bronze sword. I stepped towards the flag and reached out for it. "ARGH!" I yelped as the back of my left leg erupted in pain. I slahed at the person who deflected easily. I tried again aiming for his leg only to be deflected again. He slashed my hand and pushed me to the ground. He was quite tall and had brown hair and brown eyes.  He threw his spear were I was at but i rolled out of the way. The only problem was the hill so I kept rolling until I splashed into the creek. Relief flowed through my body I felt energized. i looked down at my hand then my leg, they were completely healed. He charged after me Control the water Sarah. A voice said in my head. I raised my arm and willed the water to rise it did as I commanded. It scooped him up and threw him against a tree. This is amazing! He got up wide eyed but quickly recovered. He charged again he slashed his spear at me, I blocked and cut the tip off his spear.I summoned a wave it crashed down on him and he came up sputtering. I ran up the hill and yanked the flag out of the ground. I ran across the creek. The horn sounded signaling the end of the game. 

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