Half-Blood Heros: The Daughter of Poseidon

Sarah thought she was just an ordinary girl until she found out that she was the daughter of poseidon!


4. Alexis is claimed

We walked out the front door and waiting for us on the front lawn was a Greek charriot. it gleamed white in the sunlight and its golden wheels sparkled it had two white pegasi pulling it. At the reins was a boy who looked about 15 wearing Greek battle armour. "Hi" he said with a smile "Im Jordan son of Hermes at your service.". "Hermes?" I asked "Hermes the god of travelers and thieves he is the messenger of the gods." Alexis said "its nice to meet you Jordan." "back at ya." Jordan said "hop on in.". We all got in it was a little crowded but we all managed to fit. "Time for take off" Jordan said a mischeivious smile spreading across his lips "I hope none of you are afraid of heights!". We took off into the sky I almost threw up I hated flying. We must have been going like 200 miles an hour or something because after about 30 minutes we landed on a hillside with a pine tree on it. The view was amazing the hill over looked a valley with a big blue farm house at the bottom and strawberry fields all around it. I gasped under the pine tree was a giant dragon and shimmering on the lowest branch was what looked like someone recently skinned a gloden sheep and hung it there to dry. "No way" Alexis said "is that the golden fleece?!" "The one and only" Jordan said. The pegasi started galloping down the hill past the house and past the strawberry fields to some stables. "I'll take them to the Hermes cabin until they are claimed" said Jordan. "what does claimed mean?" I said suddenly a shimmering symbol of a dove appeared above Alexis's head. She was wearing a white sleeveless dress with white slip on shoes golden arm bands appeared on her wrists and her brown hair was now in curls and makeup on that made her brown eyes glitter. "Aphrodite just claimed her." Jordan said "Welcome daughter of Aphrodite.". Alexis had a look of pure horror on her face "WHAT?!" She said " I thought I would be the daughter of Athena or something not the daughter of the goddess of love and beauty!". "Aprodite's blessing made you look like that." Jordan said smiling  "I'll take you to cabin 10 and Sarah gets to stay in cabin 11."

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