Fake life = Better life

A young girl trying to escape reality by bringing her fake life to life.


4. Who would of thought

who would of thought the solution to all my problems was to just escape them. Life is so simple now, i can live the good parts of reality and when times get boring or ruff (which ever comes first) i can escape. That might sound like i am dodging what ever isn't easy, the truth is i am. Its already hard being a teenager, i don't need all the complications of other things. Just because i have decided to live another life in my imagination doesn't mean i want to rule out reality all together, i mean there are perks (believe it or not) of living in the real world, and i want to live them to the best of my ability. Oh what am i kidding my imagination is way better then reality, i can be anything, anywhere with what ever i want. Today in Science (such a fucking drag) my imagination wasn't imagining Jacob (surprising but true) i imaged the perfect holiday, just me, the sand and the water (bets science). I had buckets of money and the hottest fucking guy, hotter than Jacob (yep, there is a guy hotter then Jacob) we were laying on the beach, hearing the waves crash against the sand and the trees blowing slightly from the wind, it was perfect. we were starring into each others eyes and it was pure magic and i think u know what happens next ;) 

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