Fake life = Better life

A young girl trying to escape reality by bringing her fake life to life.


2. A day of reality

Yuck, its the worst day of the week, Tuesday, double  legal studies and maths. I mean seriously how can you learn or do something productive in a subject like legal studies if it ain't fun, and how do teachers with a name like Mr Fluffy expect you to have respect for them. The world is confusing and pathetic. Oh and don't even get me started on maths, Mr Filly gets mad at me when i doodle in my book but come on he has the voice tone of cardboard and i get extremely bored listening to it. oh and then when i try to listen and ACCIDENTALLY doze off or get distracted by the ticking of a clock he yells or embarrasses me in front of the class, isn't that called abuse of power, i could have him up on charges (i know how to do that because i take legal studies) How may you ask can my day get any worse, well lets see i have drama where this bitch Rachael makes me fall to the ground where i get stupid cuts all up my leg and then bloody complains that i ain't focused (i am falling to the ground for you bitch) then what a thriller this was, science, it wasn't a complete bust seeing it was fucking hilarious when we were passing notes by throwing them to each other. oh and to top it all of i had to catch a bus with mister infuriating asshole that i love for some apparent reason and come home to 2 annoying siblings that wont quit bickering at each other. 


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