Love Easy

Liam walked out onto the stage where he was greeted by piercing screams. He waved and smiled, because every moment of his job was complete joy. Or was it really?


5. Chapter 5

The pair of them walked into the nearly deserted IHOP and instead of following the 'Please Wait To Be Seated' sign Alejandra continued walking to a table like she owned the place. She did not even wait for Liam to follow. 

Rather than wait to see if she noticed he wasn't following Liam chose to follow her anyway. He sat across from her as she leafed through the menu. 

A punk guy came from another section of the restaurant and smirked at the sight of Alejandra. His blue hair flopped onto his face and he walked up to the table that the pair of them were sitting at. 

"Ay! Can't you read!" his voice had a hint of anger in it. "The sign says-"

Alejandra cut him off by raising her hand quickly, "Shut up Ryan."

“Oh thanks. Embarrass me in front of friends why don’t you then,” Ryan whined before turning to Liam. “Ryan, and you mate?”

“Liam,” he answered the question with a smile.

“Ryan thinks he is British,” Alejandra said still looking only at the menu. “And Ryan,” she said setting down the menu, “today is your lucky day. This guy is British!” she squealed with fake enthusiasm.

“Ha ha,” Ryan rolled his eyes. “Are you really?” he turned and asked Liam.

Liam was a bit confused by the relationship of them but did not question anything.

“Yes mate. I’m from Wolverhampton,” he said as Alejandra chuckled a bit.

Ryan just looked at Liam before shrugging. Ryan began to carry on a conversation with Alejandra, complaining about previous customers. Liam was shocked that neither of them knew him as Liam from One Direction. It was a refreshing feeling and he felt like they were genuinely nice.

“So what would you like man?” Ryan asked bringing Liam back to the real world.

“Um,” Liam glanced down at the menu he had left unnoticed before the question.

A group of college guys walked in the doors causing a fuss and Ryan rolled his eyes.

“Oh joy!” he was obviously not happy about this. “I’ll be right back guys.”

Ryan stalked off to seat the rowdy group of guys. Liam looked at the menu finally before Alejandra interrupted him.

“So tell me something,” she asked him, “why did you step in at the bar?”

“What do you mean?” Liam said putting down the menu.

“You didn’t have to get involved with my fight with Josh. Why did you?”

Liam didn’t even have to think about his response but he was shocked that she even had to ask him why. What guy wouldn’t stop another man from hitting a woman?

“I guess,” Liam decided to change his original answer. “I didn’t think it would be a fair fight. Josh that is what you said his name was? Yeah he seemed a bit too scrawny and I knew you would kick his ass. Just doing my part in keeping the weak safe.”

Alejandra laughed at him. Part of her knew that he was just saying it but another part of her wondered if he really believed she was as tough as she put on.

“Sure,” she dragged out the word just as Ryan came back to the table for them to order.


“So why are you in America?” Alejandra asked, standing up from the table.

“It’s kind of a work thing,” Liam said, wondering why he had just spent the last hour talking with her and neglected to tell her who he really was.

Part of him wondered if she knew and was only pretending to not know but something seemed real about her. Something so great that he didn’t want to lose it.

It’s not every day that he would meet someone who didn’t know his job description and love him for that. It was nice knowing that the past hour spent with her was real.

“Cool,” she smiled at him walking up to the register where Ryan was bringing their total up.

“I got it,” Liam said as Alejandra went to pull out her wallet.

“It’s okay. I know I lost my job tonight but that doesn’t mean you have to feel sorry for me.”

“Please. I got it,” Liam said handing a credit card to Ryan who winked at Alejandra.

Ryan ran the card through the machine and looked at the name on the card.

“Liam Payne?” Ryan asked. “Why does that name sound so familiar?”

Liam shrugged signing the receipt and taking his card back from Ryan. Ryan stared at Liam as he put the card back into his wallet.

“Alright,” Alejandra said breaking an awkward moment. “You get off at six right Ryan?”

Ryan nodded still looking at Liam trying to figure out why he knew him.

“Ryan!” he finally looked over at her. “I’ll be here to pick you up at six.”

“Okay,” Ryan said as Alejandra and Liam walked out the front doors.

Alejandra started walking in the opposite direction as the way they came.

“Well thanks for breakfast Liam,” she stopped. “You should probably get back to your friend now.”

“Shit!” Liam pulled out his phone.

Liam had completely forgot to text Harry and once he pulled out his phone he saw all the texts. Liam must have put the phone on silent instead of vibrate like his original plan.

There were five texts and two calls.

Liam ignored the texts as he called his voicemail. Alejandra was looking at him, sort of worried but mainly confused.

Harry’s panicked voice came through the tiny speaker, “Liam! Shit man I didn’t mean to just leave you. Paul is looking for us. We need to hurry up and get back to the hotel. Call me back man!”

Liam pushed a button to go to the next voicemail.

Harry’s voice was a bit more frantic this time, “Okay Liam. Why aren’t you answering me? People are tweeting that they see you at IHOP so I am on my way.”

“Liam!” Harry’s voice sounded a bit louder than the one coming from the speaker on his phone and Liam turned around to see Harry stepping out of the same black SUV they arrived at the club in. 

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