Love Easy

Liam walked out onto the stage where he was greeted by piercing screams. He waved and smiled, because every moment of his job was complete joy. Or was it really?


4. Chapter 4

A remix of Demi Lovato's Neon Lights started coming through the speakers as Liam started swaying along with the crowd. The crowd was dense but somehow two girls found him and surrounded him with their bodies grinding together. Liam liked a girl who took control but these two girls seemed to be on a mission. 

One brunette and the other blonde, both tall, long legs, and beyond beautiful.The brunette wearing a tight blue dress that clung perfectly to the hourglass figure she was displaying. The blonde wearing a similar red dress but did not seem as confident in the dress as the brunette. 

"Hey sexy," the brunette whispered into Liam's ear. "You look really familiar, do you come here a lot?"

Liam smirked pulling the brunette a little closer to his body.

"Not really love," his whispered back into her ear as he grabbed her hips pulling her closer. 

The blonde took notice that Liam was giving far more attention to her friend. She quickly hit her friend's arm who stopped grinding on Liam and turned back around to talk into his ear again. 

"Wanna get out of here? Me and my friend are looking for a good time and you seem like the perfect guy for it," she pulled back away from Liam's body. She pulled a small bag filled to the top with white powder from her bra. 

"Come on!" the blonde one yelled at Liam. 

Liam was shocked at how easy these girls would be to get into bed. And the fact they were offering drugs to him in exchange for sex. 

"Come on sexy," the brunette reached for the loops on Liam's pants and he stepped back. 

"I apologize ladies. That is not my scene," he huffed and turned around. 

"Fuck you then!" the blonde one yelled.

Liam was almost certain that the girls had known who he was and were looking to get into some headlines. He wasn't going to fall for it. 

Another song started playing, Liam did not recognize it at first so he decided to just stand near the wall. He should have known this was going to be a bust not only because he did not see anyone worth dancing with but for many reasons. 

The music was pretty shitty, there was far too many people in here, and everyone seemed to be leaving almost after they found someone who was a good dancer. 

Liam admitted he should have kept dancing with the brunette and blonde from earlier but the drugs was where he drew the line. Of course, he would not have left with them but he was sure he could have had a good time on the dance floor. 

"Fuck you!" Liam heard from the side of the bar. 

One of the bartenders, a deep brown skinned woman, threw a bottle of Jack Daniels at a male bartender. 

Liam started walking that way because he was not sure if something was about to happen. Nobody else in the club seemed to be paying attention to her. 

The bartender picked up a bottle of tequila when Liam grabbed her arm attempting to stop her. 

"He's not worth it," he spoke softly, it took a moment of her raising her eyebrow for Liam to realize that she had not heard him. 

"Crazy ass bitch! Get the fuck out of here!" the male bartender called over to her. 

"Not before I kick your sorry ass!" she yelled back but the other bartender seemed like he was ready for a fight. 

She grabbed another bottle of whiskey and he did the same but Liam couldn't watch this tragedy happen; not when he knew that he could stop this and save someone from getting hurt. 

"No you don't!" Liam yelled grabbing her and throwing her over his shoulder. "Calm down mate! We're leaving!" Liam yelled to the other bartender while the woman over his shoulder began speaking Spanish and yelling louder at the man. 

Liam carried her all the way out to the back door of the bar. She was kicking and punching him trying to get him to put her down but he refused. 

"Okay. Stop stop!" Liam said as soon as the door had been opened and they were standing in the alley. 

"What were you thinking? I was going to give the prick what he deserved!" she yelled. 

"Are you insane? I just saved you from either getting hurt or going to jail!" Liam didn't mean to yell. "Look, I am sorry I had to do that but I wasn't about to let him hurt you."

"I can take care of myself," she said fixing her short, black skirt that Liam had caused to ride up, revealing a little of her underwear. Then she readjusted her strapless shirt that she was about to fall out of us because of Liam. 

"I'm sorry I did not realize that your clothes were doing that," Liam said looking away. 

"No big deal. Assholes look at my body all the time. Part of the job," she joked, pulling her hair into a bun. "Alejandra, and you?"

"Liam," he said extending his hand. 

Alejandra looked at him funny and laughed. 

"You are pretty weird Liam. But you sound British? Am I right?" 


"Cool. Well since I just got fired I am going to go drown my sorrows with food. Wanna come?" she asked. 

"Um," Liam turned around remembering Harry. 

"If your girlfriend is back in there then go on back inside," Alejandra started walking toward the end of the alleyway. 

"No, not my girlfriend."

"Wow, should have known your were gay," she turned back around but kept walking backwards. "Well get on back to him. Enjoy your night Liam," she pivoted on her right foot and kept walking.

Liam jogged to catch up with her and tapping her on the shoulder. 

"No. I'm straight. My friend is in there. I will just text him and tell him I left."

"Alright then. IHOP sound good?"

"Sure," Liam smiled at her realizing that this night might actually turn out decent. 

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